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Nobody’s Perfect: My Hometown

Just so you know, this is where I live…only about 10 miles away. These kids look like any other teenagers on a Friday night, full of piss and vinegar, but they have weapons. Seen too many black music gangster video’s.

Something funny about this. I have yet to see any of the young blacks where I live walk around in daylight with those guns, clearly they thought they’d become big internet stars. And the cops now know their faces. Smoking grass is now legal in Missouri. Good thing? Right.

Having said that, this is what happens after YEARS of democratic welfare and globalization. And HORRIBLE schools. I know, I went to them.

Notice, they’d vote for Trump over Biden, but, will they vote for Trump over Michelle?

Mmmmmm…I bet they would. It’s all about the money.

So, Nobody’s Perfect. Including the white guy interviewing them. He did a fine job.

Good lord.

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