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Nobody’s Fool: James O’Keefe

He just exposed the most powerful ‘killer’ in the world, Pitzer, and was fired from the company he founded. Just like Steve Jobs, he’s in shock.

WE are not. If they can put a brain-dead traitor in the White House, and do the first American Coup in history, they can do anything. We have watched again and again how they have attacked all truth seekers and honest people who are against the evil and genocide they are commiting.

We all know why James was destroyed…he got Pitzer’s to admit they will keep tweating the virus in order to make more money on the vaccines.

James is much more popular than he might know. Millions of Americans love the guy, including me.

He is what every journalist should be.

Someday they make a movie about him.

He will rise up bigger and better than ever before, because, he is honest, and on a mission. And just like Mike Pence, Project Veritas will be history.

Let it die James. But don’t do a Jobs. You don’t need them. You have…the truth on your side, and like the great men before in history, you WILL get more powerful than they can imagine.

Now, get back to work, James. They will have to close down the internet to stop you.

And even then, truth will find a way.

James O’Keefe wins the Nobody’s Fool award for the year.

God be with him. Here’s his final speech…for the company he started.

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