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Nobody Flashes: You WILL Accept Balloons!

Nobody Flashes

Due to the ‘state of the country’ and the state of my own house and neighborhood, I am forcing myself  to stop writing for a while. After all, I’ve been doing a daily blog for over 23 years. Probably at least 20 books worth of words are stored somewhere in the cloud.  

 I have so much to do, and so little time to do it, I must cut my time somewhere. I won’t bore you with the details of my life, but things just happen.

And since I write mostly to relieve my own self of my frustrations with the world, and since I don’t get paid, I realize that my own thoughts on everything can be found just about everywhere else. My gut tells me I must get ready for the storm that’s coming.

And coming it is.

Many great pundits are now on the internet: Tucker, Oliver, Beck, Jones, for now. My small nobody voice is pretty much…null and void. I realized I was posting everybody else’s video’s that anyone can find now on the internet. That’s not fair to you. You can look those up yourself.

A line has been crossed in America. We are no longer a republic.

For instance, too many people are dying. The great reset and China are literally, taking over America, that change is coming at us at lighting speed. You may see it, and I certainly do. Communism is being forced upon the world, with the help of our governments and multinational elite CEO’s. Believe it or not. No matter. It’s not something any of us want to face. Orwell’s warning is now here.

 I was going to quit altogether and close the blog, but then again, I thought I’d just change the format to something very short, and easy.

I plan to keep writing with just one weird Nobody Thought of the day. Short. And probably weird. After all, I can’t turn off my mind. Sorry about that. Hopefully, if nothing else, I will cause you to think.

And that’s all any of us can do right now.

So, I will start with this…example



Today is Valentine’s Day. I went into my local Walgreen pharmacy to buy a card for my husband and the whole store was saturated with blown up balloons. HUNDREDS of them. Floating in every aisle. You had to walk through them like a land mind. WTH? Whose idiotic idea was this? What a waste of money and time I thought. NOBODY is going to buy all those balloons. The cashier had an answer. “We won’t have to blow them up.” Never in my whole life have I seen anyone buy that many balloons from Walgreens. In fact, never even one.

What’s going on?

So, Nobody Wonders, was this an order by China (Or Biden) working with Walgreens to make America think that balloons are really friendly and beautiful things, to get us used to Chinese balloons floating over our heads? A psychological form of brainwashing with the help of Walgreens to get us into excepting them?

Nobody Wonders….but me.  


Anyway, I feel, I hope, this will be a welcomed change to all my readers. All…five of you!

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