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Drugs? Who Benefits?

Nobody Remembers

Gary Webb.

As we all know, open borders means death to thousands of Americans, and drug cartels getting rich. The democrats could care less. In fact, over 160 democrats voted to let illegals vote.

The question Nobody Wonders about is: Who is benefiting from the drug flooding the country besides the cartels and China? I think we can make a good guess. Remember Bill Clinton and the Arkansas hub of pilots flying in cocaine? He got into the ‘biz’ at 17. Both Bill and Obama were heavy cocaine users.

Doing nothing, means SOME politicians in our country are making a nice bundle of money.

And we will never know…who. But let your common sense take you to an educated guess.

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The word from Pompeo: Russia destroyed her own pipeline and we must continue to fight in Ukraine. He just said this on Glenn Beck’s BLAZE.

Also, Mike Lee says that “We did not blow up that pipeline.”

Nobody Wonders: Do we believe anymore anything said by anybody?

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