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Nobody Wonders: Did Biden Officially Start WWIII Today?

Biden, on President’s Day, went to Ukraine to give his support and BILLIONS more of our tax dollars to the gay guy, Ukraine’s leader, Zlinsky. (He’s married you say? Oh. Sure.) Like Obama was married.

THEN, today, Biden went to Poland to make his MOST historical speech. I don’t know who wrote this speech, but I listened to it while I was sweeping gumballs off my driveway. It was written to be the one most historical speech imitating FDR, CHURCHILL, Reagan, and it was full of baloney. It’s a speech that a President should have made inspiring his OWN country, not some foreign country…but it was the speech to get Putin to react. Biden was starting a war. He’s been poking Russia relentlessly.

When in Ukraine, both Zlinsky and Biden went to place wreaths on the fallen in Ukraine, and the camera purposely did not show the flag of the fallen dead that Biden was placing a wreath on, but something tells me it was an Ameircan flag.

We’re not suppose to know Americans are being killed there.

So, on the same day, Putin gave a big speech in which he basically said, “All bets are off now. I will use nukes.” Then he gave HIS inspiring speech and he spoke the truth about America: (see video) Sadly, many Americans agree with Putin when it comes to the GREAT RESET OF FAMILY. You have to remember how clever this is, because communism has always attacked the family, but Putin in his old age, has gotten smarter. He’s better at propaganda, let’s face it.

Biden’s speech today was a joke. It’s as if an AI wrote it. And I bet it did. Somebody should find out.

It was Lies. BS. Biden threw around the word FREEDOM, and yet, he enchains his own people into poverty and dying.

The real question is, Will Biden start WWIII before ANY other President can even get into the White House? Nobody Wonders.

At the rate Biden is going, It’s up to Putin to keep the world from doing China and Biden’s bidding and destroying the whole world. Maybe we should all be writing HIM letters.

Writing our Congressmen gets us nowhere. Once again, Trump is right on this one.

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