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Is Joe Biden signaling Klaus and King Charles?

I know. Most people wouldn’t even notice this, but look at Joe’s Hat. He’s giving the State of the Union speech tonight, right after the blatent mistake of letting China’s spy balloon fly over America, getting it ready for an EMP attack over our country, why wear THIS hat before tonight?

Where’s his American flag hat? He’s got a Scottish bagpipe player? Is this a golf course? Or…as many have told us, the world’s elite’s are really run by the snobs in Scotland and he’s showing his devotion.

Bagpipes? What other ‘traitor’ showed his bagpipe devotion after yesterday? Wait. Attorney General…Bob Barr. At the Department of Justice, that unholy of departments. He wanted everyone to see HIS bagpipes. Why?

Nobody Wonders, was this Biden’s signal to Davos that America is really on the Western Globalists to rule the world? Is he playing both sides?

Maybe you think this is a bit of a stretch, but after the grammey’s CBS saying “worship” Satan’s gay sex dance, supported by Pfizer, was just entertainment, Nobody Wonders if the fight for the globe is between XI and King Charles, and Klaus.

Who will win the big communist/tech/1984 prize King of all the world for the future?

I wonder about all these “signs”. They are everywhere and basically subliminal propaganda. Meant for everyone to see.

By the way, Joe’s had botox…did you notice? (Also notice, the Chinese lady in Barr’s video didn’t look too happy.)

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