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Nobody’s Opinion: Dick Roman’s Purgatory

Nobody’s Opinion:

This is not the ONLY war we spent trillions on. Bush did it on Iraq. Clinton brought millions of refugees to America. In London, the most popular name for a baby is Mohammed. Someday soon, America will learn that the most populous name for the newborn is Jose.

I was watching an old Supernatural episode tonight. The episode was shot about 10 years ago, and the story was about how these evil demons from pergatory could put themselves into politicians, and take over their bodies. He was CEO of a company that was making a hamburger meal that was addicting and made the population dorment and stupid. I thought of McDonalds. Who KNOWS what’s really in those hamburgers? And surely, the writers were trying to tell us something.

But back to Supernatual. Dick Roman was a powerful CEO, with plans to control (and kill) Americans. But there was one very quick flash on the screen that I had NEVER noticed before. Dick showed a picture of himself with Joe Biden. You know, one of those pictures that famous people have on their walls with OTHER famous people?

Then the next person that flashed was Harry. Yes, Megan’s Harry. Redheaded Harry. Prince Harry. Why not William? Good question. He was shaking the hand of Dick Roman. Remember, THIS was filmed over ten years ago and the writers put in Joe Biden and Prince Harry. THEN they showed him with Bush, and Clinton.

What this means to me is that they know who is going to be in power YEARS in advance. It’s all been scripted like a Hollywood movie. We just don’t know it yet.

Supernatural was never on anybody’s radar…no Oscars, no Awards of any kind. And yet, like the X-FILES, millions of Americans watched it.

Nobody Knows if these writers and directores of Hollywood KNOW what’s going to happen and are trying to tell us in their scripts? Or if they KNOW what is going to happen and are being TOLD and ordered to do so.

At this point it could be either…or.

We know that Hurriance Ian and the disaster in Ohio, didn’t get much money for help from our government.

But Ukraine? Mitch McConnall will keep sending them ‘trillions.’

And you wonder why they have it rigged for ALL our politicians to stay in office until they die.

THEY eat…steak and lobster. WE eat, Dick Roman’s food. And soon, it will have crickets.

But you won’t know it until you get sick enough to die.

Sorry about this. It was in the script.

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