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Nobody Says: BAN Garbo’s

Brandon Straka is a hero in my book. He started thinking about the democratic/liberal party and started a movement to get people to WALK/AWAY. Many people did.

Scott Adams walked away, and lost many of his contracts for making people think and laugh all over the world. He dared to tell white people to stay clear of black people. He makes a STRONG point as you can see in the video when you click on the link.

A black man shot a white man dead in the middle of the day in the middle of downtown St. Louis. (Go to link)

The elites mean business. This is horrendous. Communists are now taking action.

On a good note: Neither Brandon or Scott have been in a plane crash or committed suicide. Something that happens way too much, and everybody KNOWS who is doing it, and nobody is ever charged with murder.

It takes guts to stand up for what’s right. Clearly, we need MORE people doing that.

And I think that its coming.

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