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Nobody Wonders: Going Back to Disneyland? Uh…no.

Nobody Wonders

Yesterday, my husband and I went looking for a restaurant within 20 miles of our house, to eat. We were craving a salad. Due to Covid, most of the regular Italian places didn’t open until 4p.m. It was around 2 in the afternoon. We drove miles…down all the local streets…nothing but fast foods, and long lines. We ended up at a Barbeque place called Bandanas. It had been over 2 years since we had eaten there.

As we walked in we noticed that all the employees were black. We stood there at the counter for a good five minutes waiting to be seated. Finally, a black guy came up and sat us at a booth. He was nice, but you could tell he was hoping we’d go away.

We found out soon enough why. The black waitress that took our orders, was racist.

We ordered our salad, and she brought it out, with no silverware. To make a long story short, she said she couldn’t get us silverware because it hadn’t been washed yet. I saw a clean fork in her station, and just got up and took it. So, we shared the fork for the salad. Clearly, she could have brought us silverware because the table next to us, where a whole black family was sitting, she managed to bring some to them. There were six of them, and we were there before them.

Now, we ALWAYS tip 20 percent. But clearly, she was being racist. It was too obvious. She was young, with an ‘attitude’. We didn’t make a fuss. We just didn’t give her a tip. She didn’t deserve it. Our meal was spoiled by lack of service. No refills on drinks, and when she clearly had silverware, she flaunted it in front of our faces, but she did bring us the bill and did say, “Have a nice day.”

LOL. How do you tell her that without white people for customers…she will soon be out of a job? You don’t. She doesn’t care. The place was big, but there were only a few tables full. The whole town is bankrupt and closing down.

I was trying to think of any memory in my lifetime, where I had witnessed a white waitress being so rude to a black couple. I couldn’t think of one time. And I’ve eaten out more times than at home in my lifetime…but never, ever, EVER, witnessed blacks not being waited on with the same respect as whites.

This ‘racist’ crap came back with Obama, who flamed it back into existence. Bastard that he is.

We’ve all seen the movies of the 1950’s when the blacks were not allowed on the buses, restaurants, and I lived through the riots of the sixties, the ghetto’s built by LBJ, but I had worked with blacks all my life, in bands. My own mother, who ran a printing company, had a black janitor. And she gave him and his wife a loan to start their own restaurant. She loved that man, and helped him as much as she could. He worked for her until she sold the business. I miss Charlie. He had the most beautiful smile.

Then came the 90’s and Bill Clinton, and affirmative action. The Blacks were given affirmative action jobs that many whites couldn’t get. They were given free college, (that the whites couldn’t afford)…and welfare. With the help of the democrats and Jesse Jackson they learned how to extort. The redistribution of poor white people…having to go without to give the blacks free whatever has been going on for years. Only they don’t call it that. It’s equity. Even now, the blacks in my neighborhood get free electric, water, housing, if they are retired. And cars? They drive the newest, the best.

The poor white? No.

What’s funny is the blacks do NOT associate the long history of racism with the democratic party.

And now, the elites are pumping up this racist crap going full force to divide and conquer America. Soros is behind it.

Here’s the good news: I have noticed since Ferguson; the older blacks know what’s going on. They go out their way to be nice, give me compliments, it’s almost unreal.

So, when you hear Gaviston Newson wanting to give reparations to blacks in California, or Maxine Waters wanting to pass a white supremacy law, or Yale university telling their students to put their coats down to let the blacks walk over the puddles, it’s getting ridiculous. It’s as if they are trying to make the white people mad.

The blacks know they have had it pretty good, and playing the race card gets them mega bucks. Now, the illegals are the new ‘blacks.’ And the blacks know their free ride days are numbered.

The young blacks are being encouraged to rape, pillage, kill and steal. The Obama’s, the Maxine Waters, the democratic party are placing as many unqualified blacks into positions of power that they can.

But, the black people are not stupid. They know the con. Many of them have lived it. If you break the law it only hurts your own people. Less cops, means more chaos, and the elites want this.

They WANT the civil war. The blacks are NOT stupid. Like the white baby boomers the older ones know the game.

Last week, Disney put out that vidoe. Trying to keep the flame of hatred alive in black youths. SEX and drugs are promoted in ALL their video’s. Why can’t they see they are actaully destroying their own race with this stuff?

Disney’s WOKE racist propaganda will cost them billions. Do they care? No. China will make up for their losses here.

But, I refuse to tip a black woman, or bow down to a black person, who refuses just to do their job.

The good news is: many of them are waking up. And THAT’s why you will see more of this racist crap. You see more vidoe’s on Google with Blacks coming to their senses. I’m sure the democrats are freaking about that.

Sooner or later, This racist extortion will fall down like a deck of cards. And you know why? Because freedom, will be the better choice.

By the way, we are not going back to that restaurant, I give it…maybe a few more months. And that waitress? I’m sure she’ll collect unemployment and sit at home and watch…Disney.

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