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John McCainI was shocked the other day, when I heard Neil Cavuto go into a rant saying that he was sick and tired of people criticizing John McCain, who had gone to war, and survived being tortured, and was a class act, and knew more about military matters than anyone in the government…and therefore, we should not be criticizing him.

What? So, now you can not disagree with a black man because you will be labeled a racist, and you also are not allowed to critized a war veteran because then your will be labeled unpatriotic.

I guess the next thing you know, you won’t be able to criticize a Muslim because that would make you intolerant.—–WAIT. That’s already happened!

We are all sorry that John McCain suffered at the hand of the Vietnamese, but that doesn’t mean his opinion should be valued over all the other honorable veterans who served this country and are AGAINST this Syrian strike.

, Neil Cavuto isn’t the only pundit surprising the American conservatives: Bill O’Reilly wants Obama to Act, and today I heard Rush Limbaugh say that the NSA vast data collection is really okay.

So, go ahead, you can call John McCain an idiot, or you can call him a hero…there’s no reason you can’t call him both. God distributes some of us with brains, and some of us…with other things. Just because you spend time in a prison camp, doesn’t make you an expert on all other subjects. If that was true, than all the prisoners in Guatamono Bay, if released and attacked America—- they could be considered just as big a hero as John McCain.

And that’s my Nobody Opinion, that Nobody Cares about.

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