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Nobody Wonders HOW the Virus got into the White House

Nobody Wonders

Last week, after President Trump came down with the virus, the main media news was doing HEAVY suggestion that he got it from Hope Hicks. SUGGESTING that the President was having an affair with Hope, being as she is a personal assistant to him, and VERY beautiful. In fact, I even heard a radio announcer say on the radio that the President and Melania don’t even sleep together, and it’s all a fake marriage.

We can thank Bill Clinton, Jack Kennedy, LBJ, and FDR for messing around so freely, to make that suggestion seem at least possible, right?

I must admit. After that fiasco with Stormy Daniels, when Melania was pregnant, I had to wonder if the President did hang out with her…mainly because after that story broke, I remember Melania appearing in a white dress and big white hat, at some ceremony, as if to cover up the tears. It reminded me of the day Bill Clinton was standing besides Hillary crying at some soldier’s caskets, right after the Monica story was exposed.

As the President has said: Beautiful women throw themselves at famous people all the time. And its common knowledge that after a woman has a baby, she’s pretty busy. BUT….let’s not go there. If there is no blue dress, we can skip it.

Everyone was trying to figure out WHERE Trump got the virus, since we all know, I’m sure, every single precaution had been taken to keep him from getting it.

The story, just fell flat.

Sorry dems.

So then, they went after Kimberly Guilfoyle. After all, she had it. There were articles put out that she was Mata Hari, because she had once dated Anthony Scaramucci and was divorced from Gavin Newson, governor of California. One thing for sure, Kimberly LOVES powerful men who can put her in the spotlight. And her speech at the republican convention? Wow.

It is what it is.

But that fell flat. Donald Trump Jr. is negative.

And then, an even better story was put out by the media: Trump has infected half of the people who worked for him because he’s so cruel: the invincible Kayleigh McEnaney. Kellyanne Conway, another fierce warrior, Stephen Miller, one of the left’s most hated men in his close circle, the head of the RNC, Ronna McDaniel, and Chris Christie.

Well, Facebook and twitter couldn’t shut those people up, but a VIRUS could.

Many, including Rush Limbaugh think this is all too suspicious. How EASY it would be to infect the top troublemakers in the Trump administration GOP in order to destroy the President and his recent nomination.

The CIA does this stuff all the time.

All those stories put out to make you THINK that Trump was having an affair was to not think that it was actually a bio attack by the dems to try and take him out.

And most sensible people believe that this was an attack on Trump and his administration, because how ELSE do you explain that no democrat has gotten sick besides a few? Now they want to call off the Supreme Court nominations, the next debates, and of course, everyone should mail in their votes.

If Hillary can pay MILLIONS of dollars to Russia to fork up a fake dossier to try to destroy the President, it’s easy to believe that, of COURSE she, or Soros, or any one of his enemies (CHINA) would make sure they all got infected.

I became more convinced of it when I saw Leon Panetta just tonight on FOX saying the GENERALS were now getting infected and it’s now a danger to National Security!


Neil Cavoto gave him the close ups to make sure he rang all the right buttons.

So, when President Trump got back to the White House, and stood on the porch, and saluted the crowds, that was HIS way of saying…

“You didn’t get me you *$*%&. I’m still standing.”

And that’s the way I took it. They hope the virus would kill him.

As the saying goes, they want the President Dead?

People in hell want ice water.

Let’s not give it to em,

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