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The God Debate: Hitches VS D’Douza

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Here’s a debate I really enjoyed. You have to have the time to watch this, but if you enjoy debates from great thinkers like I do, you might like this one:

Chistopher, Hitchens. He comes off here as your typical elite/Oxford snob, with the bleeding heart for all suffering. Suffering he has seen too much of, so leading his very elite life, he has a soft heart and has decided there IS no god. And he can recite countless books to show off how well read he is. But clearly, he has never been touched by god.

He is a bit of a narcissistic elite guy, and loves to show off that he is very well read. He believes in evolution, but somehow misses the point that evolution could ALSO be a very well-planned way invented by God. In the end of the debate, he never actually argues D’Souza’s points, but goes back to his usual “Heaven and Hell don’t exist.”

While he makes good points about men using religion for wars, D’Souza ALWAYS comes back and pretty much slaughtered his arguments every single time.

Christopher claims that you don’t have to be religious to know right from wrong. Well…even dogs know right from wrong. Weak argument again.

D’Souza points out the obvious: all of the universe has order. And when you think about it, it’s an almost impossibility in nature for THAT much order to exist. Unless, there is a God.

Christopher argues against religion, but D’Souza claims that 98% of the people on the earth think there IS a god. Steve Jobs, by the way, thought the same thing.

When Chris goes into the World Wars being a part of religion, D’Souza, once again, points out that most wars were NOT religious. He wins on that point.

In the end, Chris is pretty much your elite ‘I’m VERY well read” rich man, bleeding heart, who has never been touched by God. Einstein would say he lacks imagination. His life traveling the planet and getting his heart broken from all the suffering…I do feel sorry for him.

But, who do you think would actually help the homeless on the street more?

D’Souza, on the other hand, is full of imagination, logic, and shows what a great mind he really has. Some of his thoughts were extremely profound.  

Now, if Carl Sagan would have been hosting this, then it really would have been something.

I know, this is long. But…I’m glad I watched it.

Neither one of them brought up why MOST people believe in God. BECAUSE God, has touched their lives.

Some unexplainable thing happened to them, that were beyond any rational explanation.

And besides, if you can’t just look at the life right outside your door and NOT see God, then you are REALLY missing the gift we all are given each day of our life.

The trouble is: Most people just take it for granted.


No contest.

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