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Whose the Better Artist: Bush or Biden?

Nobody’s Opinion

It must be tough. What happens when your elite lifestyle needs a lot of money, and you no longer can raise (legally steal) the billions that you once did before?

Why, you become an ARTIST!

You don’t even have to know how to paint. Just ask George Bush and Hunter Biden. Anybody who has been to a modern art show knows that. And yet, rich elites will pay MILLIONS for paintings, if the painting has a famous artist, and there is nothing like sinking your money into political artist. These people have so much money that they will gladly waste millions for a picture that could have been drawn by their 5-year-old on their walls.

And speaking of those two much beloved ‘sons’ of Presidents, we have just found out that along with his vast knowledge of Oil, China, Russia and the Ukraine, Hunter is an artist!

Hunter Biden artwork: Why president’s son’s paintings sparked ethics debate – ABC7 New York (

Hunter Biden’s artwork is set to be displayed and sold in September at a private and confidential opening in Los Angeles, followed by an invite-only event in New York, a Georges Bergés Gallery spokesperson said. Pieces are priced between $75,000 and $500,000, according to the spokesperson.

To which the world goes…really? And here’s the kicker. Nobody can know who is buying these paintings and for what price.

Clearly, this is a MUCH better way go take care of the family than everybody knowing that China owns the Presidency via Hunter Biden’s sweet Chinese connections.

Just sell them a painting! Make it…hey! What Chinese oligarch wouldn’t want a Hunter Painting for his wall?

And let’s not forget the other President’s Son who gave them this idea.

X President George W. Bush, now retired, is selling his artwork to anyone who will buy them.

From the artist point of view? I feel sorry for anyone who would pay for these pretty…ugly things. Neither one of these guys can really paint.

As to Bush, I think he really does paint his pictures…but Hunter? Please. I’m sure he paints a few. But some other painter is really doing these, because even though the oligarchs of the world are pretty stupid when it comes to bargains, they want something that will go well with their homes.

Besides, when does Hunter have the time to paint?

Richard Painter, the former top White House ethics lawyer under President George W. Bush, told The Post the whole thing is “a really bad idea.” 

Well, I beg to differ. They are getting by with it, aren’t they?

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