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Nobody Remembers One of the Greatest Speeches Ever Given…Ronald Reagan

If ONLY This man were alive today. THIS is how a President shows the courage of a leader. If you listen to this speech, it’s exactly what the liberals are doing today, except they’ve BECOME the communists in our country. Sold out for money. While there are still pockets of freedom in the middle states of America, our biggest cities are now third world hell holes. They will never recover without a fight. And with the gutless RINOS in our Congress, and our courts, true tyranny has takin over. (Fauci)

Ronald Reagan was NOT afraid to stand and fight the communists. Nobody hopes that President Trump starts calling out what the liberals of today truly want: Crony capitalism for them, communism for us.

Do NOT miss this speech. It’s one of the best ever given.

And then, watch if you can, the next video, and remember: It’s not the Covid that is dangerous…it’s the vaccine.


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  1. Thanks for posting these Joyanna,
    Always love listening to Ronald Reagan; too bad there aren’t anymore like him.


    Comment by Mrs. O | December 2, 2021 | Reply

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