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Nobody Flashes: Alex Baldwin…”What? Not me!” I just pointed the gun like she wanted me to, and the Bullet just came out!”

Isn’t it grand to be the friend of the ‘deep state’? 300 people are STILL in jail because they held Trump flags at a rally and walked into the capitol. Held without trial. No one was killed, except one woman who was just standing, no threat to anyone, at the door of the capital, and was shot dead. And she was shot dead by a capital cop.

The cop was never arrested, even though, it was clear, he shot her for really no good reason. He walks free today. Even praised by the left.

So, this Nobody Wonders why after we all heard that Alex Baldwin had shot and killed a woman on his set, why wasn’t he arrested? For days he admitted he killed her, and NOW, after all this time, well no, he didn’t do it. Doesn’t feel shame about it, but watch the old “cover your face with your hands” until you can muster up your emotions, act he gives in these interviews.

Does that make sense? Right after the event he was out having a good time with his wife and kids on Halloween.

Steophanopoulos is STILL the Clinton’s cover man. For years he covered up the many sexual scandals of President Clinton, and Hillary’s many crimes.

And notice, no one, ANYWHERE, is mentioning the fact that her husband was perhaps going to testify against Hillary.

And You can’t find that info on the internet much anymore. I’m a big one for “Believe the reports when it first happens” because it WILL disappear.

Anyway, Trump Jr. says what he claims he did was harder to do than if he had pulled the trigger.

Tonight, the parents of the boy who shot up the school are hiding. They are going to be held responsible for giving the boy the gun.

So, why isn’t Alex Baldwin held to the same justice? It was his movie.

And by the way, on a side note: Jensen Ackles the star of Supernatural was in that movie with Alex. And I remember thinking WHY would the actor, the John Wayne of this day, be in a film with a Trump hater?

When Alex said SOMEONE put the bullet in the gun, Nobody Wonders.

You bet I do. Too strange the whole thing. But one thing is for sure. Would Baldwin commit a murder to protect the Clintons?

Mmmmm…Nobody Wonders. And then, Nobody Knows.

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