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The Pharohs Gather in Egypt


People all over the world are pretty mad at the fixed elections that the global elites are using to plan one world dictatorship. So, what’s going to happen in America when the democrats FIX the elections, again? Bill Gates says the real riots will come in 2024. Mmmmmm..since they are not showing the rest of the world the protests in Brazil, they don’t want us protesting just yet.

I’m sure the elites see Brazil.

Don’t worry, they are getting together soon to solve this.


FINALLY: The U.N. is going to save the world! A Global Climate Change Party in Egypt is ready for all those elite global concerning planers who just love to get together and play God.

The Western FREE people have had it much too good for much too long, mostly because of the rich white people…that’s GOT to stop. They’ve raped other lands and used the poor colored people of the world for much too long. SO…this year, the very rich WHITE people (Who clearly forget they are white) along with a lot of very rich colored leaders around the world are going to ‘save’ the world by using climate change as an excuse to put laws into every country so that they can keep UP the good work.…and none too soon. Fires, earthquakes, droughts, heavy rain, hurricanes, (Nobody adds protests) are NOT destroying the earth fast enough. The elites simply have decided that more money is needed to get rid of all these pesky human bugs that are simply…annoying. And making those annoying bugs EAT nothing but bugs will hurry it along.

Stalin did it. So did Mao. Saves bullets and no nuclear waste. They are really smart at saving the planet. They’ve had a lot of practice at it. Destroy the farmers! That will do it!

The virus was meant to kill the old and infirm, but the vaccine is doing more harm than the virus and too many famous people who got the vaccine are collapsing right before our eyes: Bit too noticeable when your favorite soccer player or Congressman’s daughter collapse and die from the effects of the vaccine…they didn’t foresee that happening…the virus was suppose to kill only the old useless eaters and the worthless sick. The vaccine was meant to just make everyone sicker. And DIE in a few years time so that nobody noticed that it wasn’t REALLY a vaccine.

OPPS. Uh. Every plan has a few bugs in it. Those nasty blood clots…who knew?

The money supply is drying up, BIG OIL VS GREEN ENERGY VS BIG DRUG COMPANIES…well, it’s not working out, is it?

Reseting the world is going to take BIG cash.

SO: The rich are getting together, in Egypt, where not many Europeans or Americans can’t even get through the desert to protest, to discuss the future of the planet and how to really do a better job of starving, killing the useless, and making big money at the same time. It’s not an easy job, I can tell you. We will thank them all, truly, just wait and see.

And just to show the world that they REALLY care about people thinking the rich should not lecture us on our oil consumption, John Kerry is going to fly a regular airplane, which I’m sure, he will fill with ALL his friends. The U.N. has spared no expense to bring all the elites to this wonderful resort. It looks like a nice hotel to wine and dine and eat the finest meats and fish, and really, just a nice vacation on the taxpayers of the United States, who by all accounts, are the cause of all the misery in the world and MUST be broken.

And John Kerry is NOT giving up on that job. Electric cars is the future, and also, all that electric you use in your house. That’s got to stop. Sure, the electric cars are expensive but just think. When the government shuts down the grid, you just go steal a Telsa, and plug it in!

Biden made the insane claim that if lightening should ever strike and knock out the power you can simply plug in your electric vehicle and the car’s battery will light up the house.

Biden then made it worse by saying “I’m not joking.”

How many Tesla’s does it take to light up the White House? Ask Dr. Jill: she is the power behind the drone.

Nobody Reports:

Global Elites to Luxuriate at Exclusive Resort in Egypt for UN Climate Change Conference – The New American Such will be this year’s United Nations Climate Change Conference, or COP27, which will kick off on November 6 at Egypt’s swanky Sharm El Sheikh resort on the Sinai Peninsula. Unlike major Egyptian cities like Cairo and Alexandria, Sharm El Sheikh isn’t encumbered by slums, high crime, beggars, and all the other concomitants of Third World despotism. Like many such resorts in otherwise impoverished, despotic countries in the “global South,” Sharm El Sheikh is swathed in the sort of swanky luxuries that any reasonable elitist would expect for a gathering to address the plight of the poor: glistening beaches, five-star hotels, shimmering tropical seas, first-class bars and restaurants — and swarms of military and police to guarantee a sanitized experience, safe from the unwashed masses of the local poor and radical

Are you glad to see that the elites just want to ‘save the planet by getting together at some expensive resort, probably entertianed by the finest prostitutes money can buy…to which they will decide the fate of the planet? And whose going to be the headlining entertainment?

Taylor Swift? Jimmy Kimbel? Bette Midler? Michael Jackson is dead. Sorry.

Nobody Wins if they come out of there with more planned suffering for us all.

BUT….BRAVO Brazil. Americans have yet to wake up.

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