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Where’s OUR Bob Dylan?

Yesterday I was cleaning out my old record collection, and found almost every album Bob Dylan ever made. He’s long forgotten now, new generations have their own music, but to us, back during the Vietnam war, Dylan said what we couldn’t.

So many young men were killed in that senseless Vietnam War…but you don’t hear any “poet” of today singing about the horror of Iraq, or any of the senseless wars that we never win anymore.

I saw a veteran on TV the other day, who said all the World War II Vets were so proud of their service, they WON the war. The Iraq veterans on the other hand have been committing suicide. More men were lost to suicide than in the Iraq war… that we lost. They all lost buddies and for what he said?

Because the United States, LOST Bush’s big war.

THIS song was one of Dylan’s best. Recently, I was watching TERMNAL LIST on Cable with my Husband, who is younger than I, and when this song came on, he had never heard it.

“God, that guy REALLY can’t sing.”

“Yep, but he got a lot of us through a very tough time. And you’re right. Not much of a singer. But listen to the words.”

Proving what I’ve always thought about music. It’s the message, the emotion it evokes, not always the ‘talent’ that makes a lasting impression: while that is always impressive, it’s the very song itself and what it means to your life that gives it the passage of time of forever.

My brother, who had his own D.J. business has a theory that people mostly remember and enjoy the songs that were popular in their high school days.

This song, is as much about the Ukraine War, the Iraq War, as it was about Vietnam. The words are timeless.

And there is a good reason, the kids of today, don’t see much about any news about WAR…OR music from what is happening in’s all about…sex. Mostly. SEX.

The government doesn’t want you to think about it.

I was a musician for over 40 years. Played drums, sang, played piano, guitar, and I just stopped listening to the music. I have little time for it anymore. My goal is to get back to it, if only for my own pleasure.

Is there a current Bob Dylan or band of today? Let me know. I’ve been out of touch for soooooo long.

And music can heal just about any soul.

(The original version)

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