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Tomorrow America votes. Here’s the thing…already the democrats are telling everybody it might take months before they find out who really won. The “Pillow” man claims that elections will never be fair until they get rid of Soros’s/china’s voting machines. After all, they used them in Brazil and the people are REALLY pissed off. The communist won.

Cheating is the new norm. What we don’t know is, if the republicans take the House, what happens then? Anything? Elon Musk thinks it’s a good thing to have a diverse government, checks and balances. Vote republican he says. Right. Conservatives being checked by…a demented moron who is actually selling us out to China who Elon loves?

Has he thought this out? You bet. He needs oil.

So, its pretty easy to predict that the Republicans will take over the House. They have to convince everyone that ‘America’ still exists and voting is now back on track.

If you believe that then I suggest you listen to this video that was made by Alex Jones, in 2002.

Everything is controlled. Down to the fact that when you have a conversation, and you mention wanting to BUY something, guess what? You get those ads on your computer! Your CELL phone is listening to you whether you have it on or not. Today we recieved a flyer from the company that my husband works for, and the people on it, suggesting medical plans, were…CHINESE.

All around my city, big huge warehouses are being built, and there is no business here. Nothing. So, when is China moving in?

While we may all wake up happy on Wednesday, what happens then? Do you really think all these republicans are going to get anything done?

If you go by history…not much. The finanacial state of the world will still be there. And war is there, and the people will be lulled into submission once again.

Still, we vote. If for no other reason than to go to bed feeling that…somewhere God hopefully is listening. And our ancestors died for the right.

And Trump…he now admits the communists are here. And he’s right.

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