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Asian Prime Minister: Global Takeover!

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After how the last midterms were once again, stolen by the usual ‘mail in’, we will tell you in a few weeks, and lets’ fool with the media and machines blatent cheating, many Americans still believe that voting will get GOP elected to stop the communist takeover. But instead, the media has gotten Trump, who clearly is finally probably getting TIRED of the fight against the GREAT RESET ELITES, to lash out at Ron DeSantis who CLEARLY wants to be President.

Remember, MOST Americans thought Pence was a great guy.

The plan was all along to replace Trump with Pence, but Trump survived it. Now, they are going to DeSantis. All I can say is remember George W. Bush.

They create a horrible crisis, and send in the hero. Now, it’s DeSantis. And he is hispanic. Went to all the right elite schools: Harvard, Yale, and wait…did he see the front lines in his service?


Remember, Rinos have their chess pieces everywhere, and they put them in the top positions: Speaker of the House McCarthy, and Senate Turtle, McConnell. Paul Ryan at Fox, and the still leader of the pack, President George W. and his connections with the Deep State.

In a sane world, Ron would stay as governor, (After all, his state needs a LOT of help due to the hurricanes) and run as Trump’s VP. BUT…so many people are being led by the daily bombardment of conservatives that DeSantis would be the better choice, and Trump is lashing out at his disloyalty, that they are being made to turn against him…

Why, he fought DISNEY and WON! Meaning, the upcoming war with China that the Deep State wants will be better in DeSantis’ hands.

Trump, despite what you read: Prevented wars. Period. Will Desantis do the same?

Its easy to send our men to be finally killed in a war because our own politicians have done nothing, but handed us over to China. China controls not only Disney, but Biden. Before the G-20 summit, Biden is going to visit with XI…don’t you wonder who will be controlling THAT meeting?


Trump declares the truth…and not to many want to hear it. Communism is here, and nuclear war could come, just because the elites in power, want it. If you don’t want to think that America is that far gone…well, just look outside your own neighborhood, and the LAST TWO ELECTIONS.

Pass me that banana.

Trump wrote a note about FOX. Paul Ryan, a RINO, controls it now. Trump can only be seen on one network that I know of…with support and that’s Real American News.

Trump’s worst asset is his honesty. He knows what’s going on, and having being deprived of his last term, and stabbed in the back by the party he has done SO much for, is just a man fighting back.

While DeSantis is standing up to all the woke messages, then why doesn’t he support Trump?

That’s the real question here. To me, as I look back at all of DeSantis’ verbal attacks on WOKENESS and the vaccines, he was NOT controlled by the vast deep state.

Wait till he gets to the big leagues.

Today, even Glenn Beck admitted that we need both DeSantis and Trump. Trump came and got DeSantis elected again in Florida, but so many people are hearing “Oh…Florida is perfect!”

Be honest: Do you really think Ron DeSantis and his lovely family could replace the love that the people have for Trump? Be honest. I am STILL a Trump supportor for all his faults, whatever they be, and millions have stood all over the country just to hear him.

Nothing is perfect. Be careful what you believe. Most all media now on Cable and local is controlled. You may have your favorite websites and you just stay on those, but try going to your local news.

I have a friend who lives in Dallas. She voted for Biden. She would probably vote for DeSantis. She was told every minute of the day what a BAD man Trump was. Many of my friends in Florida hate DeSantis. You won’t hear about them.

If Trump was so bad, then how did he do such great things for America?

Here’s how you tell if DeSanitis isn’t being backed by the RINOS. See how much he praises Trump. If he mostly silent, then you have your answer.

In the meantime, while everyone is fighting…the elites are going to start starving you all.

Today I looked at a turkey. “$74.00”

We will be NOT be having Thanksgiving. Christams is next.

Trump HAS to be destroyed, so that DeSantis can come in and save us all. THATS’s the great reset.

He talks a great game now. So did Trump when he was running, but once they get up against the very powerful in D.C., it’s a new game.

Trump TRIED to build the wall. They didn’t let him.

And the same thing will happen with DeSantis.

Will he run? If he does then you KNOW he is on the global agenda.

I hope he announces soon. Better that we know the truth about him.

CLEALY, he is being promoted as the next messiah.

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