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Elon going to war with Apple?

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Since the world all have Apple phones, who will quit Apple if they refuse the app for Twitter to be on their cell phones?

Have you SEEN the Chinese people who work in the slave camps of Apple in China factories coming out of their hell holes and pushing down the fences and basically saying “We’re not going to take it anymore?” Steve Cook could have cared less about those poor people.

Steve Jobs at least had sense. And I always wondered why in the world did he leave the company to the gay guy who could not fill his shoes? Was that really HIS wish? Or was he dogged into submission by a bunch of lies?

Whatever. No matter what we may think of Elon, the fact that he really is trying to free up Twitter and stick up for the American right to free speech, says all we need to know.

I could never afford an Apple. The camera’s take nice pictures but…it’s still just a CELL PHONE. Other phones, and other computers can suffice. Jobs at least didn’t try to destroy the world like Bill Gates.

Too bad this idea of using cheap Chinese labor to make a profit for the big guys, turned out so badly. CHINA now call all the shots. And Americans’ pay huge amounts of money for those phones, which get more expensive every year.

So, let’s hope Elon wins this one. Tim Cook is now controlled by China too.

Good to know.

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