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Neil Armstrong…Even in Space, Gracious…

Nobody Cares

There is much uncertainty to life. Good health may be taken away from you without warning. Material possessions may be lost due to circumstances beyond your control. The one thing that cannot be taken from you without your consent is your character, which includes your beliefs, your ethics, and your principles. So guard them with care. They are your most valuable possessions.–Neil Armstrong

Last week, we lost one of our greatest American hero’s: Neil Armstrong. There are only three events I remember seeing on TV growing up that left permanent marks: The Beatles on Ed Sullivan, Neil Armstrong walking on the moon, and the assassination of JFK.

Neil’s was the best of course— It was almost a like a dream.

After his great “The Eagle has Landed.” ..Neil faded into the background. He talked about seeing Aliens on the moon, but of course, our “rulers” didn’t want to go into that much. So they kept him off the televisions with that nugget and we didn’t see him again until Obama decided to end our space program. Then ALL the old astronauts came out in protests. Just now, one of them told Cavuto that the space program kept us ahead of the other nations in engineering and just about everything. The recent success of the Mars landing shows that even Obama cannot stop the America spirit when it comes to exploring space.

Nobody Thinks it would be an absurdity to believe that there are NOT aliens. And if they are watching us, then so far, they really don’t seem to care too much about our lives.

Above is a video from Space: Neil Armstrong..the quintessential American.

What a man.

I hope you become comfortable with the use of logic without being deceived into concluding that logic will inevitably lead you to the correct conclusion. —Neil Armstrong

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Hubbling the Ultra Deep Neurosis

Nobody Remembers–

The very first “fright” of my life. I was three, and looking up at the stars from the back of my dad’s old Ford. It was not only scary, but it was the start of my true neurotic understanding that I could NEVER be anything in life because I was just a tiny bit of speck of nothing in sight of that massive universe. The vastness of the universe crushed me that night.

I never really got over it. I mean come on…I’m still the NOBODY! Even if Nobody Cares that Nobody Remembers!

BUT…it deosn’t mean that I can’t enjoy sharing this with everyone. If you wondered how we got those cool deep space pictures, this explains it.

Enjoy! Excuse me while I go outside and look up.

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Nobody Fixes a Toilet like a Space Man

Nobody Flashes

Did you know that there were two guys in the Space Station right now? Dan Burbank and Don Pettit are floating above us at this very minute. (I think) And what are they doing there? More importantly, did we the American Taxpayers have to pay the Russians $40 million dollars for two America men to get up to the Space Station just to fix the toilet and put out the garbage?

I love the internet…it’s like a box of chocolate, you never know when you are going to see Forest Gump Candy Wrappers floating around a space station, while good American men are trying to perform brain surgery in space, in shorts, and with a sense of humor.   I would have liked to see the version they didn’t post.

Toward the end of the video you get the feeling that Don Pettit is trying to reassure Al Gore that they are being very careful about all that space garbage…AND the toilet. I got a kick out this video…but I would have liked it more if it was Al Gore floating up there fixing the toilet.

You can’t have it all, can you?


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March 15: A Day for Spacebats

Nobody’s Fool

Space….the final frontier…reminds us on this St. Patty’s Day weekend, —that we lost a brave Irish bat named Mahoney, on March 15, 2009.  (How do I know he was Irish? Listen the music…) Bat Mahoney…took to the sky, hitching a ride on the tail of NASA’s Discovery…to make that final voyage that from now on, will no longer be dreamed of by bats or American men.

We have ended our quest to explore space. But not every man is going to stop leaping new bounds. Now we have a brave German to take his place.

Austrian skydiver Felix Baumgartner ( A GERMAN!)  took a practice jump today, (March 15, 2012) to help him prepare for his leap from the edge of space later this year where he hopes to not only break the sound barrier with his body, but also break the record for the longest free fall.

Yes, Felix, who wants to be the first man to break the sound barrier with his head, can thank the brave and noble Irish Bat Mahoney, for paving the way for men like him.  Will Felix’s body fall to the ground intact?

Will we hear a human sonic boom? Or a human sonic splat?

Or will, like poor Bat Mahoony, will Felix just fall onto the ground and someone will make a video with sweet German polka’s in the background remembering his great bravery?

Nobody Knows how much Red Bull is paying Felix to jump off its Red Bull Stratos, but I’ld like to personally think them for the entertainment.

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