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Nobody Is Praying…Doubletime, Extra Innings…NOW!

Nobody’s Opinion

Not much we can do until tomorrow…Romney is leading in the polls, but now that we know the Un-American impostor in the White House, backed by a democratic party which is now, just one thread short and two cupcakes left of Hugo Chavez, Nobody Knows what will happen.

Not to worry, said one reporter: Obama can change his style in the next debate, but he can’t change his horrible record, or what we now know he believes in.

And its been clear: Besides Obamacare, Obama unending path forward has been to help the Muslim Brotherhood gain power, or in his words, “democracy” in the Middle East.  We are just now finding proof that his childhood upbringing as a Muslim, was never given up. On the contrary, Allah is Obama’s God. Second to himself, of course.

No wonder he wanted to “fundamentally change America.”

Shocking enough to many is that while millions of Muslims all over the world were burning the American Flag, they were ALSO burning pictures of Obama. He is NOT loved in any of them…but as he said …he considers all the hatred and rioting as just a “bump in the road.”

Spoken like a true…communist.

Which tells you he has a MUCH bigger plan.

Obama continues to spread billions of our tax dollars around the Middle East. Obama will continue to give billions to all the countries…that hate us, and hate him…so  a simple Nobody may ask themselves….Why”

Well…it always comes down to “follow the money.”

On the 19th of September, 2001, George Soros (who by all accounts funds the democrats now)  gave this speech in Hong Kong.

It is not enough to fight terrorism, we must also address the social conditions that provide a fertile ground from which volunteers who are willing to sacrifice their lives can be recruited. And here, I think I do have something to contribute to the debate…I propose issuing Special Drawing Rights or SDRs that the rich countries would pledge for the purpose of providing international assistance. This is an initiative that could make a substantial amount of money available almost immediately. If the scheme is successfully tested, it should be followed by an annual issue of SDRs and the amounts could be scaled up so that they could have a meaningful impact on many of our most pressing social issues. This is the cornerstone of my plan…Improving social conditions will not prevent people like bin Laden from exercise their evil genius, but it will help to alleviate the grievances on which extremism of all kinds feeds.

It’s the same old redistribution of wealth. Take from the United States and spread the wealth around. Those Muslims radicals just need our money. The only problem is: only a few elite at the top get to decide who gets that money, and who doesn’t. Just like the old “war on poverty” from LBJ…give the poor money and they will get back on their feet. How’s that working out for us?

“Large portions of the billions in poverty funds found their way into the hands of radical activists such as George Wiley, Saul Alinsky, and Wade Rathke, who used the money to fund strikes, demonstrations, protests, riots, and actions against the Vietnam Was, as well as the building of a permanent, radical infrastructure in America, all at taxpayer expense.” —David Horowitz.

Yes…follow the money.

Nobody Thinks we are in more trouble now than we even were at any other time in our history.  Nobody  Thinks Obama will lose the election–but we may never know.

If Obama stays in power, it won’t be just another “bump in the road,” it will put the whole world on a fast and painful death spiraling, pot-hole road to hell. We will be wondering if the “anti-Christ” is the “eastern” man from Iran, or the “eastern” man in the White House.

Both men fit the profile.

I don’t know about you, but I’m not waiting until election day to pray for his defeat.

Nobody is starting, tonight.

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