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Well, I think I’m back. Thanks to the readers that reported that they SAW my words, I appreciate it. It’s strange…I’ve been writing daily since 2000 on various blogs, it’s become a habit like brushing my teeth every morning.

I HAVE to write. I imagine it’s like being addicted to crack, although, thank god, I will never know what THAT is like.

(A habit I share with the Adams since they wrote in their diaries every single day…)

But for me, it’s mostly because, like many Americans who love their country, I have been watching it disappear before my very eyes, for decades. It’s the only way I can “get it out my system.” The frustration. The anger.

I see my country and our lives becoming more like Russia day by day, and everything being taken away from us, and this was happening way back in 2000. Trump wrote a book called “The America We Deserve” back in 2000, where he declared he wanted to be President because he was seeing the same thing so many of us were seeing: The destruction of the middle class and America.

In other words, this didn’t just happen overnight did it?

So yes, the Rich elites have know for a LONG time that Donald Trump was going to be a big problem. They just didn’t believe he’d be elected. That’s how conceited they all are.

And when I couldn’t get on my blog, (always set in my favorites), it was like my favorite food was taken away from me. (I love hamburgers…it’s a curse.) It was as if someone said, “Sorry, no more hamburgers for you, ever.”

(I prefer them off the grill, thank you very much.)

I got a lot of good advice from my friends…but in the end, it was my complaining on Twitter that got it fixed. Not emailing WordPress, or spending hours trying to change passwords, or reading help menu’s, no, it was simply saying on Twitter “WordPress is censoring now.”

And voila! Like magic, the next day, I went to my favorites and it was as if nothing had happened.

What’s that tell you?

Now, I’m a big Nobody, but if they censor the President, then the rest of America is up for grabs. And Google, Twitter, Facebook, the Media, they are ALL censoring the news. Today, Hunter Biden’s big story and crimes were censored on Twitter. And Facebook.

Today I turned on MSNBC, and the talk was how President Trump was ON THE ROPES. He was going to lose the election and he knew it. He was desperate. Clearly, the American people hated him.

What? Then how come THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS are turning out to see him?

Poppycock. The lying being done is almost Orwellian.

Wait, it IS Orwellian.

In the meantime, on the good side, I got to watch the brilliant Amy stand up to the morons in Congress,(Supreme Court nomination) and it’s hard to see her voting against the truth should the time arise.

I was talking to my neighbor today: he is a pastor and a stanch conservative. We were talking about how even if Trump is reelected, (which he will be) things will STILL be tough. The rich elites will be hard to stop.

They control SO much of the world we live in.

It took a long time for them to build this oligarthy, and I think, it’s going to take not just the U.S., but the rest of the world to destroy it.

As long as we can talk, write, and keep our wits about us, let’s hope we can manage to survive.

And that means: VOTE TRUMP. IN PERSON.


Don’t even think twice about it.

October 14, 2020 - Posted by | Uncategorized

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  1. Dear Joyanna,
    Glad you’re able to get back to posting!
    By the way, I just sent you an e-mail I think you’ll find interesting. Blessings, Mrs. O


    Comment by Mrs. O | October 15, 2020 | Reply

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