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Here’s the thing. Last night we watched this new movie on Netflix called Enola Holmes.

It was very well written, acted, and in the realm of entertainment…let’s just say it beats old Sci-fi movies from the Sci-fi channel.

Having said that, the movie is about the sister of Sherlock Holmes whose mother is eccentric, and placed in Jolly Old England of the Holmes era. But, like most movies of today, it’s all about the ‘girl’ becoming the hero of her life. I won’t spoil the script for you, but here’s what I do want to say, having considered myself AND my own mother as being as independent as we could in our own lifttimes.

My mother owned and ran a Union Printing Shop and supported the whole family, with 25 or so workers, and did most of the jobs herself. (Dad drove her to work, and then went and played golf.) They had a very happy marriage. I had my own bands, taught myself how to play three instruments and sing, and booked the jobs myself. I worked five nights a week for over 30 years as a musician, and was a mother during the day.

American woman can do both, but trust me, not without help. After my first husband left us, my mother watched my son at night while I worked.

I couldn’t have survived without her.

So, being the daughter of a REAL American woman, not the fake ones who attack men at every single chance, degrading them, and ignoring the wonderful history and gifts men have given the world, I also too know there has been, ALWAYS been, the other side to the story.

Men and women…need each other. It’s as simple as that. And the FAMILY unit is being destroyed…on purpose. (that’s a whole other blog.)

While I can really like the message that being given to young women, I also think the propaganda being put out in our movies is subservient to the New World Order where women do NOT have kids, and don’t get married. It’s being discouraged. But they do it in a VERY creative way, so that you don’t even know it.

In other words, you don’t HAVE to be married, or lady like, or even fall in love, you CAN be free to be who you are…a very important message…but then…underneath the great acting are the little messages that all the young girls are receiving through just about everything: Including this movie

  1. You don’t need a man, or even a mother really.
  2. You CAN start a revolution complete with bombs and guns.
  3. You CAN be smarter than Sherlock Holmes.
  4. You can always win against a man in a fight
  5. You don’t have to live in a rich mansion, or even want to.
  6. And revolution is the only solution to the powers that want to keep you down. “Think about it.” Although, I hardly think that the women who fought for the vote were Bill Ayers prototypes.

This whole notion that men want to keep you down is REALLY kind of stupid. Sure, there are jerks everywhere, but MEN run into them also— daily. Guess what? Life isn’t fair. Not at all. Not for men or women.

There are racists in EVERY race. There are people who think woman are basically stupid, but we all know plenty of men who fit that same bill.

In other words, WE ARE ALL SNOWFLAKES. No two people on the planet are alike. That’s reality, and it keeps getting ignored.

How many movies have I watched women beating up men?

In real life, trust me, that ain’t gonna happen. Unless you are skillfully trained and have a gun. And yet, its in movie after movie.

It’s why we are seeing so many women getting in fights on the streets. I learned my first lesson at on that, when I was 8, and the boy up the street grabbed my long hair and swung me around in circles my knees scraping on the concrete.

Not a fair fight. I had no chance whatsoever.

(You have dreadlocks? You might want to think about that.)

So, go ahead, enjoy the movies, but remember, if you watch with you 16 year-old impression daughter, let her be all she can be, but always remind her….”It’s a movie.” Enjoy!

And if you have a mom like I had: Unlike the mom in the movie who leaves her daughter to go fight a revolution, remind her, you will ALWAYS be there, through the pain and the tears, because they WILL come. We are just wired that way. And there’s nothing like a mom to understand.

And hopefully, you can go watch a good movie together.

Then watch a good Sci-fi movie with dad.

And if you have both? What a lucky little snowflake you are.

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