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Will Global Soccer Overtake American Football?

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How many American families had turkey, then watched football yesterday? Football has the edge in American stone, the Thanksgiving passtime for America, and for many, it is still the best part of the day.

But, have you noticed, that like our LGBT diversity lesssons, soccer has slowly been introduced all across America? The baseball fields have been replaced by soccer. All are young kids are being thrown into it.

I know a man who does NOTHING but travel all over the country for his young girl’s soccer tournaments.

Here in Missouri, I have watched whole baseball diamonds being replaced by soccer for the kids.

St.Louis lost it’s football team, and downtown, we will have a brand new gigantic soccer stadium. It opens soon.

So, Nobody Wonders: Are the kids being groomed for world soccer matches to match the world government?

You KNOW what I think. Yes.

Maybe Football will survive, but, leading up to Thanksgiving we saw, advertized on all cable stations, a soccer matchup between the United States and Scotland. As if, Americans cared. Gee. We are finally being let into the global network of Soccer. How nice of you guys.

SOCCER is the sport of the global world. NOT American football.

Just another nail in the coffin of American tradition? Yep.

Will soccer one day surpass Football in America? It’s a good question.

And by the way, the American soccer team changed it’s flag colors from the stars and stripes to the ‘gay’ rainbow colors. Footall is just not gay enough I guess.

Nobody wonders…when ARE the men going to stand up? Or like Paul points out: Never, they are paid to play and obey.

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  1. Hmmmmm. I don’t see ‘soccer’ ( an English slang word for Football) as being some One World plot. It is simply the working man’s game in Britain and exported worldwide when Britain had an empire.

    American Football, a fine game, on the other hand, seems to have little or nothing to do with feet, but resembles Rugger in its running with the ball in hand and the throwing, although American avoidance of rough and ready contact has them in armour rather than flesh and blood (Rugger IS a blood sport after all). And the focus on playing the man (any man in reach) rather than the ball, renders it ‘strange’ in ball sports.

    “Play the ball, not the man” is a well known saying and means don’t cheat. To us furriners, Gridiron looks like a great cheater-fest. Perhaps if America ditched the ‘protection’ and put a little more emphasis on manliness, their game would be more popular in the rest of the world.

    Football / Soccer is much more skillful, has ‘finesse’ and far more complex teamwork. The scoring however is appalling.

    Each to his/her own, of course. 🙂


    Comment by Amfortas | November 25, 2022 | Reply

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