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I post this link for my good friend, (Who gave a fantastic Thanksgiving dinner!) who will remain a secret because she has her own chickens and for the first time in my life, I got to hold one!

OMG..they are so soft!

I will NOT share her name for fear people will rush to her…and she’ll forget me! Besides, because I want more of her eggs, I know that those little chicks she purchased today were my fault.

I’m SORRY. (Okay, just a little.)

At her house, in the country, I tasted a REAL egg from a real chicken, for the first time in my sheltered life. I don’t know what they do with storebought eggs, but…okay. I don’t wanna know. The difference between a real chicken egg and one from Wal-Mart…is like comparing a dirty sky with a sunset.

(Those of you who enjoy fresh eggs and HAVE chickens know what I mean.)

She happens to live in paradise with cows, horses, pond fish, geese, ducks and…well, also a wonderful family and great neighbors who actually could discuss….wait for it....the state of the country.

So, while I hope this end of the U.S. doesn’t happen, I’d like to share it his tweet with her and whomever she would like to share it with…also, my readers.

They already know I keep up on all this stuff. THIS lady has REALLY done her research. And you won’t see her on any TV set. BUT…the good news is…ELON MUSK allowed this on Twitter!

So, there IS hope! Enjoy…(or not.)

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