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Did Obama REALLY Do This? (God help us)

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It wasn’t too long ago, I remember a friend of mine who lives in this area, telling me there had been an earthquake. Not long afterwards, very quietly it was reported (I’m sure most of you saw this on your news) that top generals, and admirals, were being fired. It was unprecedented event in history, a President firing all his top commanders. But the news covered it much like a simple procedure. Nothing here folks.

Imagine my shock when I got a report of something in an email:  according to a few reports going around the internet, Obama was giving orders to detonate nukes over our country…and these brave generals (who have been fired)  stopped him.

Even I find it hard to imagine any President of the United States, doing such a thing. But…Obama “Hussein” …he isn’t like any other President we have ever had now— is he ? Too many Muslim Brotherhood have visited the White House for this Nobody to trust this man at all.

If you want to know more about this…just go to Youtube and decide for yourself. I felt it at least…filled with enough ‘facts’ to pass it on.

And remember:

Bush signed the John Warner Defense Authorization Act in 2007, which allows the use of the military against civilians without the permission of the governor of a state. The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) signed by Obama in late 2011, which does away with habeas corpus by allowing the president to detain indefinitely anyone suspected of terrorism, no proof required and no appeal permitted. Then, on March 8, 2012, Obama signed into law the Federal Restricted Buildings and Grounds Improvement Act of 2011, which criminalized protest. A response to the Occupy movement, this law provides for fines and imprisonment of up to ten years of anyone engaging in “disruptive’ conduct near “restricted” areas.

We will be defenseless against Obama should the worst happen. He has given himself complete power. In that case, It will be up to our military and police to side with the citizens.

If this is true, then god bless those men.

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  1. I don’t know about the nukes, but what you wrote about the John Warner Defense Authorization Act of 2007 (Public Law 109–364) is absolutely true. It’s right here on pg. 322 of 439.


    (1) The President may employ the armed forces, including the
    National Guard in Federal service, to—
    ‘‘(A) restore public order and enforce the laws of the United
    States when, as a result of a natural disaster, epidemic, or
    other serious public health emergency, terrorist attack or
    incident, or other condition in any State or possession of the
    United States, the President determines that—
    ‘‘(i) domestic violence has occurred to such an extent
    that the constituted authorities of the State or possession
    are incapable of maintaining public order; and
    ‘‘(ii) such violence results in a condition described in
    paragraph (2); or
    ‘‘(B) suppress, in a State, any insurrection, domestic
    violence, unlawful combination, or conspiracy if such insurrec-
    tion, violation, combination, or conspiracy results in a condition
    described in paragraph (2).
    ‘‘(2) A condition described in this paragraph is a condition
    ‘‘(A) so hinders the execution of the laws of a State or
    possession, as applicable, and of the United States within that
    State or possession, that any part or class of its people is
    deprived of a right, privilege, immunity, or protection named
    in the Constitution and secured by law, and the constituted
    authorities of that State or possession are unable, fail, or refuse
    to protect that right, privilege, or immunity, or to give that
    protection; or…


    Comment by snopercod | January 22, 2014 | Reply

    • Well THAT’s wonderfully depressing.


      Comment by Joyanna Adams | January 23, 2014 | Reply

      • What really concerns me is that I consider myself well-informed on what is going on within our government, but I completely missed this. Not only that, but talk radio and the blogosphere seem to have missed it as well. Why has nobody (except YOU!) noticed this major change in the nature of our government? Is this the end of federalism?

        So all these States that are refusing to implement Obamacare…Will the U.S. military be surrounding their State Capitol buildings? What about the legalization of marijuana in Colorado? That’s clearly “opposing the laws of the United States”, right? I don’t like this.

        I know that a number of Generals have been fired under Obama. That, in combination of the repeal of Posse Comitatus, is concerning. This is how coups start.


        Comment by snopercod | January 23, 2014

      • I’m with you snopercod. Why not more of this in the media? This is something all dictators do in history…Hitler just shot them, Stalin too. Obama just fires them. And now, that the Muslims can grow beards in the military, and our military is now being turned into a “anything” goes sort of prison camp. . It’s more likely to attract criminals. Obama isbuilding his army. I thinkwhat is happening is the same psychological thingthat happened when theJews were being lead to their death: They just couldn’t believe that they were not going into a shower. Nobody…just nobody can believe that a United States President would do such athing. But he is doing things right in front of us… So, Obama FIRESthe top commanders?By all accounts,Obama —-maybe trying to get some nukes is not all that far fetched.


        Comment by Joyanna Adams | January 23, 2014

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