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Nobody’s Perfect: Eleanore Cliff VS Solange

Nobody’s Perfect

This week, we have two women that are suffering from bad ideas.

First up: Eleanor Cliff. Not since Bill Clinton used the less than perfect idea to say that ‘sex’ and having ‘sex’ depended on what your interpretation of “is” is, have we heard such a confusing and nebulous explanation for ‘murder.”  Yes, Eleanore has said that ambassador Stevens was killed by smoke! That he was not murdered.  So, by Eleanore’s definition, if somebody set fire to your house, and you died, they did NOT murder you..the smoke did!

Protecting Obama, is getting harder each day. I though her answer was so good, I’ll be surprised if Hillary doesn’t make Eleanore her press secretary in 2016.

And then we have Obama’s favorite family to hang out with: Jay-Z, Beyoncé, and her sister, Solange, who attacks Jay-Z like a mad women in an elevator. Nobody Knows why she was so mad, but I’d say he’s guilty. Everybody was saying how Jay-Z was such a gentlemen by not hitting her back, but how many of us have a 355 pound body guard to protect us?

So, two women obviously forgetting their morning metal floss last week. Who wins?

Eleanor wins. Solange biggest crime is hanging out with her sister and his husband, and forgetting that the NSA has camera’s EVERYWHERE.

Eleanor should know better. That was just about the stupidest thing ever said since Obama said, “You can KEEP your doctor!”

Congratulations Ms. Cliff! You win the Nobody’s Perfect Award for the week.

Now, put down that joint…you said it yourself—the smoke will kill ya.


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