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Dick Cheney: Presidents Have Complete “War Powers” …HUH?

Nobody’s Opinion

There isn’t much that Dick Cheney can say that doesn’t sound intelligent…same goes for his wife Lynne. I was listening to this couple this morning while putting on mascara, and not thinking much of it…until they came to this one part.

I almost poked my eye out when I heard Dick Cheney declare, that to him the most important thing going on was the “War Powers Act.” The question starts around 8.15…and it floored me.

Absolutely floored me. And by the expression on ,,,,,face, (9.30) it floored him too.War Powers Act II

What Dick said, and his wife was quick to agree, was that James Madison had done a great thing, by changing the draft of the Constitution from giving the Congress the right the “make” war to “declare” war, thereby putting the whole job of being able to decide on all war (and make war) into the hands of the executive.

Huh? Oh, how clever. Write a book and say James Madison said it. OR…It depends on what the word “is” is.

Dick goes on to basically say that the power to go to war, remains the sole power of the President The Congress should never be allowed to mess with it. Lynne then goes on to say how Congress messes everything up. Not good to put that power in the hands of Congress.

Remember…CONGRESS is the people. They are supposed to represent us. Take away the Congress check, and you have a dictator.

And when does Congress EVER check the President? When was the last time?

(Read the last time here..)

All anyone who has read the papers of the founders know that the last thing they wanted was a King. Just because they made the President “Commander-in-Chief did not mean that he could start wars all by himself, no….it meant that he would be head commander of all forces. A Commander leads, he does not ‘declare’.

In fact, I thought the position that Barack Obama took when running for office in 2007 was the Constitutional one.Obama and Libya

As a presidential candidate in 2007, Obama agreed: “The President does not have power under the Constitution to unilaterally authorize a military attack in a situation that does not involve stopping an actual or imminent threat to the nation.”

It’s evident that this out of nowhere “War Powers Act” , I.e., the power for the President to not have to go through Congress to take us to war, is something that Dick Cheney is very concerned about…and to me, it was like a lighting bolt of concern.

Are the elites planning another war and they do not want the Congress to interfere? Is this all about putting ALL power to the executive? Is this Clinton’s ‘third’ way?

One man rule?

Throughout our history, neither presidents nor Congresses have acted under the belief that the Constitution requires a declaration of war before the U.S. can conduct military hostilities abroad.

We have used force abroad more than 100 times but declared war in only five cases: the War of 1812, the Mexican-American and Spanish-American Wars, and World Wars I and II.

So…hey! No politician pays attention to the Constitution anymore

Lynne Cheney brought it to everyone’s attention that the recent Monica Lewinsky Vanity Fair article was all bout the Clinton’s being political savvy and getting that mess out-of-the-way earlier.

She was right.

But…Dick and Lynne Cheney are old political pros too. Releasing a book on James Madison, in which it can be reported that Madison declared that the President should have all-encompassing power and can do whatever he wants…is why we have a President now that is destroying the country.

And one more thing….John Adams on gov

According to David McCullough, a man who has written more books on Presidents than Lynne, our Constitution’s framework was based on the lst Constitution in the United States for the state of Massachusetts, and that Constitution was written by John Adams. Everyone in the Congress had read John’s essays on the Constitution.  and its defense since he sent copies to everyone in Congress..including James Madison.

James Madison refined it, with the help of his friends.

Tonight I saw the sweetest picture of President George W. Bush, running around the White House with his beloved Miss Beasley who just died.

Love the dog…but remember…this is pure political propaganda MEANT to tug at your heart…and get your trust for government. Forget the vets who died. Forget the nation…these leaders are good. They have DOGS! Just like YOU!

Don’t fall for it. And don’t fall for the BS that James Madison wanted the President to have all that power.

   “Honesty….is hardly ever heard————- but mostly what I need from you.” Billy Joel.GW and dog








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  1. Did you get permission from the Court of King Obama to write that? Cheney is trying hard to be Sir Walter Raleigh. How is that Revolution working out? 🙂 Bring back Adams…. or at least his great, great ….(n)… grand-daughter.


    Comment by amfortas | May 19, 2014 | Reply

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