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Nobody’s Fool: Devin Nunes

Nobody’s Fool:

He got out of Congress and is now on the radio, and doing lots of good things.

Ever wonder what happen to the famous Duran report? He was investigating ALL the corruption, and we waited, and waited, and waited, spring, summer, fall, winter, what the heck? What’s he doing? Is this just another ‘stall’ tactic that the deep state is famous for?

Is his name John, Robert, Lassie?

Whatever it is, Nunes is giving a ‘reason’ why the Durham report has not come out. Frankly, I don’t know who to believe. He should have given his report YEARS ago. But we must remember, when Trump was President, he had Barr working for him. Another treasonous buddy.

Not to mention most everyone in D.C. is corrupt.

So, clearly, the chess game is put the most corrupt people in the TOP positions, and no matter what: everybody can get by with any crime. EVERYBODY is protected on the global map to power.

I like the guy. He always seems honest. (Not Durham) Nunes. A lot like Trump. And remember, he was on the intelligent committee…and knows what happens.

Here he goes into more detail….

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