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DeSantis, Russell, and Klaus

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I’m still on ‘vacation’ which means, it’s not much of one because even in St. Louis we have Cori Bush and Democrats who are tying to shut everything down again, and if you even want to go to the Zoo, you have to make reservations. Flying somewhere? No. And so many people are driving the highways around here are getting more and more dangerous….just driving to middle Missouri was sort of scary.

So, it’s go out and shop. Which I think is one of their intentions all along. We went to IKEA and bought a lamp, where the employees really don’t have to work at all.

On the good side of things, DeSantis came out with a glorious rebuff against Biden.

I also posted Russell Brand video, which is a good one. He talks about the rich in Sun Valley.

And then, a threat from the new President of the World, Klaus Schwab (Why do they all seem like Nazi Germans?) who basically threatens the world with an EMP if we don’t get our vaccines.

I think, we should take him seriously.

Oh, and read Rand Paul. He seems to be the ONLY one standing up to Fauci.

Sen. Rand Paul: Mask mandates and lockdowns from petty tyrants? No, not again. Choose freedom | Fox News

Nobody Flashes: Thank Goodness Rand Paul is coming out blasting and telling us all NOT TO OBEY!!

Get to the Link above and read his words…YES! YES!

Now, excuse me. I have three more days left of the vacation saying “Where in the world can we go?”

To the gas stations before they close I suppose.

Pretty sad when your trip to the local gas station is the only thing that makes you feel like you are on vacation.

Today, I pretended we were gassing up to go to Yellowstone. Right.

It worked for about 30 seconds.

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