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Build, Back, Better? Pilgrims Unite.

Nobody’s Opinion

Globalization Continued.

For months I have been receiving emails from a group called American Intelligence, who CLAIM and they have a lot of documents to prove it all, that Britain is behind the global takeover of the world.

The institution that has done the groundwork, they claim, is called the Pilgrim’s Society. Before you dismiss this seemingly wild claim and absurd propaganda, you MIGHT just want to visit the site and give it a read.

You will find hours of intense research. And if any of this research is true, then it’s not China which runs the world, it’s still the Brits.

And if YOU are a Brit, go ahead, and tell me what you think: Their site is:

In fact, sign up for their emails. It’s always interesting. And in my honest Nobody Opinion, hard to refute.

Here’s a few of their headlines:

The British have taken over American Elections and the U.S. Military Stands Down!

Proof that “Five Eyes” is a British Crown intelligence operation and that the CIA and Centcom/Scytl election rigging are British operations

Dominion is a British System to Take Over the World by Election Theft

Hard Proof of (British & Spanish) Foreign Interference in U.S. Elections since at least 2008 via Scytl USA Inc. (controlled by Scytl Spain, now Paragron Group UK – home of QinetiQ and SERCO – controlled by the British Monarch’s Golden Share)—in full conspiracy with American tech companies including Microsoft, Adobe, Amazon, SAP, Salesforce, Oracle & U.S. DoD (U.S. Central Command – Tampa, FL)


Go ahead, the information is ENDLESS.

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  1. Not so sure about the Brits taking over your US Elections. I do seem to recall though (as a Ex-pat Brit, I can vote in UK Elections) getting a letter an election or two back explaining how I could cast my vote. I could choose any MP, it seemed. But just one. I had to have a friend counter-sign. (I think I asked a newly arrived Somalian fellow to help him feel at home). (Our home, that is, not his old one). It detailed the security issues and assured me that all was in the good hands of Msssrs Lockheed and Co, manufacturers of gentlemen’s fighting aircraft. They are about as neutral as one can get these days.


    Comment by Amfortas | August 24, 2021 | Reply

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