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Nobody Knows Some Answers, and Nobody Ever Will

Nobody Knows

Just about everybody was upset that Romney last night, did not even bring up Benghazi…so, why didn’t he bring it up? Why didn’t he at least mention some of the horrendous details surrounding the incompetency of the whole Obama administration? After all, Benghazi makes Watergate look like a parking ticket.

Nobody Thinks there’s more to it then Mitt just wanting to appear to be a nice guy. It seems to be almost a carry-over of the Bushes…who always refused to attack any democratic President when the very worst of the crimes are committed.  After all of Clinton’s vast crimes, the only person who ever said anything against Bill Clinton was Old Lady Bush….who made a few jokes about his sexual proclivities.

The Democrats have no such problem with it, they attack Republican Presidents without care or mercy. But you will never catch a Republican President even mentioning the vast crimes committed by a Democratic President. To this day, the selling of our nuclear secrets to China with the help of Bill Clinton has never been mentioned. This “habit” of the established Republican party drive many of us bonkers.

Therefore, Nobody Knows just how deep the corruption goes in both parties. Do they do it to protect themselves? We might never know.

Rand Paul brings up questions that most of us, don’t even think about. For one, why in the WORLD did George W. Bush build a $700 million dollar embassy in Iraq? Was it to show-off, or did he mean to build such a fortress it would be hard to overtake?

The 104-acre compound, bigger than the Vatican and about the size of 80 football fields, boasts 21 buildings, a commissary, cinema, retail and shopping areas, restaurants, schools, a fire station, power and water treatment plants, as well as telecommunications and wastewater treatment facilities. The compound is six times larger than the United Nations compound in New York, and two-thirds the size of the National Mall in Washington. It has space for 1,000 employees with six apartment blocks and is 10 times larger than any other U.S. embassy. Instead, the U.S. has built a fortress capable of sustaining a massive, long-term presence in the face of continued violence.”

So, the difference between a Democratic President and a Republican President is: Your Democratic President really could care less about your life…but a Republican President will build you a fortress worthy of a King, to keep you comfortable and forever safe.

But—Why did the State Department seemingly disarm this poor man…and almost throw him out to the dogs?

Nobody Knows. But the fact that hundreds of the Muslim Brotherhood have visited the White House, just might give you the answer.

I never thought I would look back on Watergate, and long for the good old days, but right now,  Obama makes Richard Nixon look like a choir boy on a road to perdition.

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The Last Debate—The Flapping Flag

Nobody Reports

Here’s the lowdown on the debate tonight: Mitt stayed above petty attacks, and Obama made long speeches about how he was going to do all the things Mitt says he is going to do.

I’m beginning to think that’s his strategy. Talk like a conservative.

Mitt looked Presidential, Obama looked angry. Mitt looked humble, Obama looked cocky. And he acted cocky too.  

Obama is running on the same promises he ran on before. By now, it’s really boring. There were times last night when Obama was talking that I was almost falling asleep. Not much of what he says he has done matches reality. And he keeps repeating over and over the same old lines: Add teachers, and jobs, and tax the rich people, and add more teachers…

Nobody knew Mitt was going to win tonight because 1st) He has wanted to be President for some time now, he’s hungry for it:  and 2nd)…and this may seem silly, but like many people looking for a win, I was searching for that lucky charm tonight before the debate, and I got it.

It’s not scientific at all. I was taking my nightly walk around the block tonight, and every night, there is one house that I consider sacred. At this house, there is a very tall flag pole in the front yard, with a big American flag that is there night and day.  You can see this flag from the next block because he has three floodlights on it. It must have cost a good $800 to put up. This is the house of a VERY proud American, and not afraid to show it.

I’m usually deep in thought when I’m walking around the block but tonight—for the first time ever, I heard that flag flap…loudly in the wind as I walked by. It was a snap, a loud snap. It made me turn….. As if it was saying to me…’YES. I AM still here, and I WILL win.”

And I was thinking to myself…you know, that the first time you’ve heard that flag snap.  In fact, when was the last time you even heard that sound?

Okay. I don’t get out much…but tonight I took it as a  sign.

As I looked at that flag tonight, I knew Romney would win. It was going to be a GOOD night. I just knew it. It was a gut feeling.

I also knew the Cardinals would lose.

Hey! Donald Trump says he always has gut feelings, why can’t I?

Tonight was a very good night. Tonight, it was obvious which man had studied, and which man thought he could just get by on his slick tongue.  Tomorrow you won’t believe your ears when all the democratic minions spin how wonderful Obama was…but anyone who actually watched the debate, will know. Obama was…grasping. He’s going down.

I HAVE been planning on buying one of those “RIP” Halloween plastic gravestones to put under my 1776 flag that I have flying on my porch, if Obama wins.

But now, I just might have to add another flag…and a maybe a few floodlights of my own.

Yes, it was a GOOD night.

And when Mitt Romney becomes Preisdent, it will be an even better year.





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Nobody’s Fool….One American Woman Voter

Nobody’s Fool

This week, Nobody is honoring another nobody. At least, I’ve never seen her before. She has given her vote great thought, and took the time to share it with us all.

So good for her! She is putting up her opinions why we should vote for Romney, and they are spot on.

(Thanks to Floyd)

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Nobody Insults Ms Kathleen Reardon

Nobody Wins:

NOTE: Dear Readers: I read an aritcle tonight and got mad. It happens. So I wrote a “letter” to the editor so to speak. It’s just another Nobody Personal Opinion. Sorry it’s so long, but I had a lot to say.


We found out important news last night: Liberal women are afraid of “binders.” Who knew? I didn’t until I read an article in The Huffington Post, written by ‘Professor” Kathleen Reardon. It was called, “What Mitt Romney Really Said About Women”

I thought it was so …dumb. This poor woman was insulted by Mitt Romney for using a “binder” to put women’s names in.

So, I decided to write her a letter. Feel free to forward it to her.

Dear MS Reardon,

You are upset about what you consider a “slight” to women from Mitt Romney last night, in your article today. You seem to think that, somehow, men like Mitt treat you and all women unfairly, and frankly, I’m not sure how you came to that conclusion.

Any woman that gets insulted by a “binder” seems to me to be a little on the paranoid side of life.

Are you paranoid? Daddy issues? Did someone put you in a ‘binder’ at some time in your life and torture you with your own insecurities? Too many Fellini movies?

I’m going to try to explain what Mitt REALLY said because obviously you missed it. And I will do this to you in Obama Speak, so you’ll understand:

When you drive to work in the morning…do you use a car? Thank a man. He invented that.

When you don’t have to go outside to go to the bathroom, but instead, you  have a nice cozy toilet where you can very conveniently flush all the mess away.

Thank a man…he did that for you.

When you sit in your apartment, and look out at the skyscrapers…do you enjoy the comforts, the beautiful lights for which you can study by, and the heating in your home while it’s snowing outside?

Thank a man. He did that for you. Wasn’t any woman. I know this is a shock, but I guess they just don’t teach facts in universities anymore.

Do you like to fly? Thank a man. Thank a LOT of men. 

You know, men have built the world, and made a lot of mistakes, but they have given us all a very comfortable life so far.

Being a “hick” from the middle of the country…unlike YOU Ms Reardon, I’m a working class girl. Nobody was a bigger feminist then I was back in the sixties when all this “women’s rights’ stuff was going around.  I decided to be a drummer in all- men rock bands. Not exactly a womanly career at the time. I played in over 40 bands here in the Midwest, raised my son, and always got the same pay as all the other men in the band. Every single ‘man’ musician I played with, respected me as a fellow musician. If you are good, a man will want to work with you. And you know why? Because men LIKE to win.

I suspect it’s like that in every other profession. I just don’t know where all this “unfairness” comes from.

You seem to think businessmen like Mitt Romany are cavemen. Have you noticed that this is NOT 1969 anymore? Millions of women are the owners of small businesses in this country. What planet are you on?

IF a woman gets paid less, there are now, reasons. Like the fact that women have children, so…they take time off….to have children. Companies have to go on. They have trouble catching up. It’s not fair, but many woman have to make a choice sometimes.

That’s not a man’s fault. That’s just nature.

They also, cannot compete for many men’s jobs. Especially physical jobs. Very few women could lift 100 pound bags all day…but if she could, she would get paid the same.

Here’s what you said about Mitt Romney:

YOU: How do you explain the term “patronizing” to a man like Romney, who is so fond of seeing himself as a businessman? And therein lies the problem. What kind of businessman are we talking about?

Nobody Says: He’s FOND of seeing himself as a businessman? What kind of oxymoron thing to say is that? What if I said your “fond” of seeing yourself as a professor?

YOU: Why wouldn’t a newly elected governor with business acumen realize that identifying even a handful of qualified women would have been far more impressive than having his aides assemble “binders” full of females? What is a binder of females? Is it the same as a slew of females? In any case, it’s insulting.

Nobody Says: Okay. Did you listen to what the man said? Evidently not. He said that when he looked around his cabinet he saw no women. A real patronizing man would have liked that, and did nothing. So he ASKED some women’s group to give him some resume’s and they gave him SO many women that he had a binder full. HE was surprised.

So, Ms. Reardon, you blame that on him. Oh…He had to put them all in a binder. What if he had put all these contacts in an Apple computer? Would you still be insulted? How about a folder? Why aren’t these women NOT getting their resume’s to the right people to get hired? The men have to do that. Is it because men won’t hire them, or is it because they have been told by liberals to not to even try?

He also said he hired the most women in 50 states to work for him. You my dear, are acting just like the other gaggle flock of feminist who don’t feel that they have to even pick up a phone. You expect to be ‘handed’ the job just because you’re a female.

Here’s another quote:

YOU: Then the Republican presidential candidate ended his response with a story about his female chief of staff who needed to be home by 5 p.m. every night. Who was she supposed to represent? Not many women I know. It was a story about a powerful man doing something for one unusual woman and then thinking it showed how fair he’d be as president to all women. Is that the judgment of a savvy businessman — a future president? What Romney didn’t do was provide a single sliver of a clue about what he’ll do to change the fact that women make in the area of 72 cents for every dollar made by men doing comparable work. About that core wallet issue, he said nothing.

Nobody Says: Mitt did that in regards to  her children. I guess liberal women feel…let that kid eat his TV dinner.  Did you miss that part that he let her adjust her hours? Oh…what a horrible man.

Ms Reardon: Most of the internet companies like Apple, and Face book, let their employees work their own hours…men AND woman. They make it a point.  But, it INSULTS you when Mitt Romney does the same thing.  I just don’t get it.

Also, if a woman is not making the same as a man, she can sue…or quit. It’s not like she has to keep working at that job. I once was sexually harassed on a job by my boss. I took him to court, but he had more money than me…he had six lawyers, and I had none. The judge threw it out..and said told me he was sorry.  You know what I did? I quit and got another job. This stuff happens all the time, it’s how you deal with it that makes you “equal.”

And then, you end with this:

YOU: This is an election, Mr. Romney, not a date. Women don’t want to feel special. They want to earn a living and feed their families

Nobody Says; Really? Women don’t want to feel special? Let’s get Dick Morris to do a survey on that.

The truth is there are 25 million women living in poverty under Obama right now, and  I bet every one of them would LOVE to feel special.

What I see, is a world of woman working, and men losing jobs.

And you end it with this:

YOU: What women and all voters want is respect. Women want equal pay for equal work. That’s respect. They want a fair shot at the top jobs. That’s respect. In the absence of that, the rest is all fluff.

If a woman wants ‘equality” then she needs to EARN that respect.  And if she wants a “fair” shot all she need do is take it. Have you not noticed, Hillary, Oprah, Condoleezza, Pelosi— they got a fair shot. Are you telling me, there are only a few woman around that happens too?

You want respect, I know. But what are you going to do about the women like me who can hardly give you a compliment, let alone respect. You are everything a hard-working proud American woman dislikes. Liberal women like you, think Obama is all for woman’s rights, and YET he claims Islam is a wonderful religion. Islam enslaves all it’s women. You couldn’t put the names of all the women Islam enslaves in a binder.

You took Mitt’s words and twisted them to fit your “war on women.” which the democrats have to invent to give Obama something to run on because he has done such a terrible job.

Respect needs to be earned, and baby, you’ve got a long way to go.

Wait…did I just call you baby? Now THAT’s insulting.


Working Class (And Tonight Very Proud to be) an Insulting American Conservative Female— Hero.

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The Second Presidential Debate, OR: Candy Crowley–Has Got a JOB!

Nobody Knows

You may fool all the people some of the time: you can even fool some of the people all the time: but you can’t fool all of the people all the time–Abraham Lincoln.

If you watched the same debate that I did tonight, then you, like me have to wonder what’s going on? Everyone claimed that Obama won…because he was sort of mean, I guess.

After the debate nothing was said by anyone about the format we saw…clearly, Obama did so badly at the first debate that this debate was staged to give Obama the advantage in every respect: The questions were ‘picked’ to put all the liberal talking points into Obama’s hands. Gun control, women’s paychecks, college students..etc.   Oh…but they put in a “token” one, asked by a black man, just so you wouldn’t think that the questions were stacked, and handpicked to favor Obama.

The whole thing was staged to give Obama the time to do what he does best: Bullshit. These former Obama voters (See Video)  GOT it. He IS full of bullshit. So, why didn’t the famous political pundits get it?

Nobody Knows. To them, whoever bullies the other guy the most wins the debate. It’s a FIGHT! It’s entertainment! Who took the most blows? TUNE IN FOR THE NEXT DEBATE!

Never mind about who the best for the country, it’s Who got in the last word?

Very seldom did Obama answer any question directly. Sometimes, he went all over the map, in fact, in trying to answer the first question I actually thought he was on some kind of speed. He wandered from subject to subject, as if he wanted to get EVERYTHING in the first few seconds.

That’s a winner?

Candy Crowley almost never let Mitt defend himself against Obama’s lies, for the first hour, she continued to stop him. It was unfair. It was rude, and she only did it once to the President.

Mitt could have put in a few more facts of ammunition, tonight, but I really don’t think he expected to be cut off as much as he was. She just downright nurtured him.

This whole thing was stacked to make Obama look powerful, and what is truly bothering me is the why all the conservative pundits are giving the win to Obama. CNN, it was obvious…had a well thought out plan.

The pundits missed it tonight, but not the American people. Look at that video. Those people nailed it.

If you go by these people, Obama was hurt more by this debate than the last. He lied much more here. He looked mean. When he comes out and says, “I’m the commandeer in chief!” he says it with the demand of a King…how DARE you question HIM..or any of his people, about Benghazi!

Well..Mr. President. The fact is, you didn’t care about those Americans in Benghazi. It’s YOUR fault they are dead. And yes, the American people CAN see it that way.  And we will dare to question you.

You work for us….(Me thinks he protests too much. )

Most people’s minds are made up by now….And while I was wondering tonight why the regular pundits on TV were not talking about the obvious setup of unfair debate that happened last night…be rest assured…

This was not a “town-hall” event. This was a staged attack on Mitt Romney, to bring Obama back into play. While Chris Mathews might be having tickles up both legs tomorrow, there will be many conservatives who were going to stay home, but after watching Obama tonight–have changed their minds.

We saw the Chicago Obama tonight–but by comparision…Obama will meet the Patriots of American on Electon day. And according to these former Obama voters—American Patriots… Mitt Romney looked:

“Forceful, compassionate, presidential,” one participant said.
“Confident and realistic,” said another.
“Presidential,” another told Luntz.”Dynamo, winner.” said one more
“Enthusiastic,” another reacted.
“Our next president,” one man said.

Remember Mr. President— the words of Abraham Lincoln. You can’t fool us all.

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Nobody’s Perfect: Frightened Seniors

Nobody’s Perfect

If you watched the video (go ahead, the rest will make more sense) you have to ask yourself: why in the WORLD would anyone who has been on this planet for 81 years say such a terrible thing to a little boy?

What has she done with her life? And WHY in the world is she driving a bus at 81 years old? Obviously, this lady is scared. She should be scared of getting sick instead of Romney, because with Obamacare, if she needs any kind of heart surgery, or cancer treatment, she will just have to get off the bus of life and die.—Which some would say, would be sweet Karma.

So what is happening to some of our Seniors? You would THINK.. they would see Obama for what he is.

I ran into one of these “Seniors” today. She was behind me in the line at the grocery store. We both started putting up our items out of our carts, and as I was lifting my milk to put up on the counter, she said, “I can’t believe how much money food costs! it’s half of what I spend!”

She was dressed nice, with short white hair, a pretty face, and blue eyes that once upon a time, must have broken a few hearts.

I laughed and agreed with her. “I know, I spend a good portion of the paycheck on groceries, and there’s only two of us.” I said, as I slammed the 24 pack of “purified” water on the counter. I said I would never pay for “water” and yet, my husband is addicted to it, and now, so am I.

Americans…can sell you ANYTHING.

Having found an agreement with me..she continued, “Yes, things are bad, and when my husband died, his company went bankrupt and left me without any health insurance, and I’m now 93 years old!” But she had remarried when she was 72. Already, I was admiring this lady. I thought to myself, “The older people know…she must be a conservative, like me!”

The conversation continued as we both pulled our carts over to start our bagging.

“You know, I can remember when gas was 23cents a gallon. My son’s company moved overseas and at 50 he had to find another job. I have seen a lot in my lifetime.” she said.  “And everything is so expensive these days. I feel so sorry for the younger generations.”

Having filled our baskets up, we both continued talking while getting our stuff to the car, which just happened to be parked next to one another.

“You know” I said. “Its so nice to talk to someone who sees the condition of the country, and you must be upset to see the changes that have happened.”

“Yes…you know the rich are going to get richer, and the poor will get poorer, and we will just be like all the other countries.”

And then she said, “You know…Romney keeps his money in the Cayman island!”

She could have thrown a watermelon at my head, and I wouldn’t have been more surprised.

I realized that this women…was actually scared—but not too bright. She had been told, by Obama,  that all the things happening in her life were due to rich people trying to screw them, and so she was going to vote for Obama.

Sadly, the only thing I could say was, “I’d rather vote for a rich man, a Christian man, than vote for a Muslim. America, is a Christian country.”

I know, stupid. What can you say in 30 seconds to reeducate and soothe the fears of a person who has been brainwashed, and has no clue? You can’t.

Obama has literally repeated the same lies over and over and over…a point used by Hilter’s propaganda minster Goebbels.

Repeat a lie long enough, and it will become the truth. And for so many people, it has. Romeny is a rich, evil man.

And the lie continues.

Those 81 years olds…can barely get by. The dollar has been so devalued they have to keep working…like the rest of us, just to survive..And Obama has told them Romney wants their Social Security.

That is no excuse for telling some little boy he should have been aborted, but then again, that’s how the liberal minds works. Only the “left” should be allowed to live.

America….can sell you anything, especially if you scare them while you’re doing it.

And to many in that nation, they are selling… a madman.

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What Happens When You Go Off Obama’s Plantation..

Nobody Wonders

Why is Obama making such a big deal about “Big Bird?”

Here’s one of the reasons Obama is keeping Big Bird on everyone’s radar screen: More and more blacks are getting wise to the fact that four more years of Obama is four more years of Obama dividing the whites against the blacks, not to mention the country going downhill even faster….

Also, compare Ms. Dash’s intelligent conversation to Snoop Dog Lion, who endorses Obama and why he endorses Obama.

Ask yourself, who makes more sense?

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Nobody Flashes: Video Shows Exactly How Obama Gets His Jobs Numbers!

Nobody’s Opinion

Last week, after the empty chair got righteously trumped in the first Presidential Debate, all his minions filled the airwaves with all the various reasons of why the Potus was off his game:

1) He was speechless at all the lies being thrown and him and couldn’t respond because he was drugged.

2) He didn’t want to look like an angry black man, and pretending to be an intelligent white man was just too hard.

3) His debating skills were sabotaged by John Kerry, whose debating skills were sabotaged by his wife who still cannot speak English.

4) He wanted to look Presidential…and have a civil conversation, and Mitt just wouldn’t let him talk, unlike his teleprompter, who lets him talk all the time.

5) The real Mitt Romney wasn’t there, but the one that was there just lied, which in that case means that the real Mitt Romney that wasn’t there, is NOT a liar.

6) He was oxygen deprived….and just didn’t want to be there.  In fact, his poor brain was so ‘oxygen deprived’ that all he could think about was helping Snoop-Dog come up with 10 reasons why everyone should vote for him, and was writing them down while Mitt was talking so he wouldn’t forget.

7) He was especially angry that Mitt attacked Big Bird, who was his childhood favorite Sesame Street character. He couldn’t believe someone would attack the Bird who taught him how to count.

8) He was thinking about the 17th hole.

9) He was thinking that Michelle was still pissed off at him sitting next to Beyonce in Las Vegas all night, and was thinking of taking Michelle to Paris after the debate to make up for it…then maybe another vacation…

Nobody Believes any of it: the fact is, Obama couldn’t debate Romney because he simply doesn’t believe in the free market system. How do I know? Because it ws among his summation.

“I believe in a free market.” he said in the first sentence of his closing remarks.

Oh..sure you do…that’s why you have fundamentally worked every day to try to control and change the whole American system.

Because Romney beat him so bad on the economy, they came out the next day and ‘fixed”a few numbers, used that very special process shown in this video,  and came out with the great news, that people are just now going back to work! In California, they can’t afford to GET to work because the gas pumps are down but hey… jobs are coming back! If people can’t afford to drive to tham, that’s not his problem…..he will need another four years to build those roads.

I don’t know what it’s like in your neighborhood, but the economy here is so bad, that almost daily I have some guy knock on my door wanting to know if I need my trees cut, or my roof fixed, or new windows. The economy is SO bad, that when I say “Ok, give me an estimate” they refuse. They can’t give me one until my husband is there.

In other words, sales are SO bad that they have to make that sale, and they no longer want to trust the “Housewife” who may be, the one who really does make the decisions. Housewives are…such a rarity nowadays they are NOT to be trusted.

They HAVE to make that sale, and they think the husband is the only one with the money.

We’ve come full circle girls. Talk about women’s discrimination. I can’t even get estimates anymore. And the house is in MY name.

“I handle the money. I make all the decisions on the house. ” I tell them.  “You say you give free estimates, but not to the wife? ”

Nope. Doesn’t matter. They can only talk to my husband.  (Nobody is making this up.)

The truth is, the economy has crashed. I stopped looking for work as a musician quite a while ago because the pickings were very slime. I could still play piano bars..but there are none that are hiring. Most of the ones I used to play for are out of business.

Yes, the empty chair doesn’t tell you that most of the jobs added, are government jobs, and that’s why he said he wanted to add $100,000 teachers.

The ONLY reason Obama wants to add 100,000 math and science teachers is for the union dues that would be taken from those teachers, and then put right back into electing democrats.

Other nations have large class sizes, and they seem to do just fine. Besides, our schools have been so bad for so long, we would probably have to import them.

So next time you hear Obama says” It’s all in the math” remember Obama leared his math at the feet of Big Bird.

He still thinks there are 57 states, and pretending to be Oscar the Grouch will get him re-elected. If I were Mitt, I’d attack Count Dracula in the next dabate. That’s should bring him to his knees.

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Round One

Nobody Wins!

Well,–Romney did it. He listened to all the conservatives giving advice, took the lead, and won the debate. In fact,  It was a shutout. I didn’t take notes, but there were a few things that I noticed that probably won’t be written about because nobody will think them very important.Like, when they first came out and shook hands—–

In body language there is a rule when a man shakes your hand, and if he forcefully grabs your arm, he is showing you he is the boss. So Obama GRABBED Mitt’s arm, and Mitt did the same with a match..BUT..Obama then grabbed his arm again and pulled him back to him, with a kind of nasty jerk.

Obama does a lot of these “power” moves. For instance, he will always walk ahead of everyone else. Always. And he points his fingers on his face. But his usual power plays of  “arrogance” got him in trouble tonight because he didn’t even look at Romney, and kept his face down in his notes. The only time he spoke was to the camera, and he did this on purpose as if to say, “This guy is a joke, and I’m here, but I don’t have to pay attention to him. He’s a joke.”

And therefore, Romney went on the attack. He beat Obama on most every point. And here’s one I don’t think he was expecting..and it pertains right to the women:

In education, Mitt wants to give the “Parents” of poor children the voucher. Not the state. Not the teachers, the parents. Just think how many single moms out there are going, “You mean I could send my kid to the rich’s kids school?”

On healthcare, Obama was trying to tell us all that those “death panels” he’s arranged are just there to make things work better….well…we know that’s not true. To hear Obama ramble on, repeating the same old promises that he is going to do…was simply annoying.

Oh, and the bailout for the banks. Mitt hit obama hard with that.  That was a big blow.

Obviously Romney did more than surprise us, he actually came out inspiring!

And the liberals are hurting.

Here’s a few words from Andrew Sullivan who writes for the Daily Beast:.

10.03 pm. I simply cannot believe that Mitt Romney is saying he is more bipartisan than Obama. And Obama never pushes back. He is leaving argument after argument on the table, while he seems to be writing a memo to himself whenever Romney is speaking.

Nobody Says: Uh…the reason nothing is getting done is because the democrats won’t work with the Republicans, won’t even look at anything they propose and that is because of Obama’s “My way or the Highway” as Romney pointed out. And yes, he was writing memos….this was hard for him.

9.58 pm. Romney is now so clearly lying about how president Obama decided to do healthcare before jobs I wonder if he’s over-reaching.

Nobody Says: Uh…what? When has he ever worked on jobs? Romney is lying? Clearly Andrew…what are you smoking?.

9.18 pm. Obama’s looking down as Romney speaks. Horrible TV.

Nobody Says: Yep…arrogance. And you know what? The liberals have been hammering how arrogant Mitt Romney is: and the truth came out tonight which rooster thinks he’s the top cock.

“If you are lowering the rates the way you describe, governor, then it is not possible to come up with enough deductions and loopholes that only affect high-income individuals to avoid raising the deficit or burdening the middle class,” Obama said. “It’s math, arithmetic.”

Obama keep on this. Mitt has a much wider grasp of “math” than Obama will ever have. I don’t’ know who told him this, but they should have also told him that even if he took 100 percent of the riches money, it would only come to a mere week of payments on the deficit.

No, the only way out it growth…and Mitt showed that tonight—whether the deficits in obama’s fan base even care…is another question.

At the end, Mitt knew he had won, and it was soooo good to see the look on his face.

As for having the debates on Obama’s and Michelle wedding anniversary? That was Planned to get brownie points for them both.

Well…didn’t work. It also didn’t work that they left their daughters at home.

Obama somewhere is fuming tonight. He looked like Nixon on TV…tired, dark circles under his eyes.

Nobody Thinks he should have saved the taxpayers $5 billion dollars and stayed away from Las Vegas…but…in this one case.. as far as I’m concerned, he should move there.


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A Presidential Doctrine of…Game

Nobody Knows

Here we go again. At Bill Clinton’s Initiative meetings, we heard once again, what Nobody calls the Bush doctrine, for lack of a better word. It could also be called the Clinton doctrine, or the Obama doctrine. It has been the doctrine of every President since Daddy Bush.  

Somewhere along the line, the American companies were allowed to merge into such superpower structures…with the rationalizations, that working together with our Congress, these big super companies could change the world for free enterprise and democracy. Not to mention create a whole new business where a global stock market takes over manufacturing, and the people with money get very rich at the same time.

Big corporations–many of them—have more money than most nations.

The doctrine insists that only by globalization NOT isolation, can the people of the world be “saved” and the world made peaceful. If the millions of Muslims and Chinese work for the Wal Marts, the Apples, the Microsoft, General Electric, etc.— the world will be brought out of poverty, and everyone will get along.

In the meantime, those corporations make trillions off of all the new found middle class wealth.

They incorporated it, tied all the countries together with the banks, and so when one country falls, so go the rest.

BUT…it’s not working out that way, is it? Alas, we saw this doctrine come up again today—at Bill Clintons’ Initiative. And it came from none other than Mitt Romney.

Romney has announced his plans to solve the world’s problem by given US Taxpayers money to businesses who are willing to “help” put other nations to work, with Prosperity Pacts.

Romney’s “Prosperity Pacts” would encourage private companies to leverage federal aid in investments in developing countries. The aid would be conditional upon the removal of economic and social barriers in those countries. (In our country this is called a bribe.)

“The aim of a much larger share of our aid must be the promotion of work and the fostering of free enterprise,” Romney said. “Nothing we can do as a nation will change lives and nations more effectively and permanently than sharing the insight that lies at the foundation of America’s own economy–free people pursuing happiness in their own ways build a strong and prosperous nation.”

Romney said unrest in these countries could in part be mollified if more opportunities were available to the youth. He said he was “touched” by the story of Mohamed Bouazizi, the street vendor whose self-immolation in part sparked the Arab Spring.

“I just want to work,” Bouazizi said after his street cart was shut down by public officials.

“I just want to work,” Romney reiterated. “That has to be at the heart of our effort to help people.”

Obama mentioned “work” at the United Nations. Bill Clinton wants Wal- Mart to build in Libya.

What does that tell you? While this concept of helping all the people in the world have jobs is noble…how about taking care of the United States FIRST? Is that too much to ask? That right there tells you that–uh–America is going to be expected to fund this global “intiative”.  No matter if it comes from Bill Clinton, or Obama, or Mitt Romney, it’s still redistribution.

Nobody Thinks…It tells you  that the doctrine of “If you build it for them, they will become democracies and love you for it.”….is not working.

In the meantime, Americans…lose jobs.

Because Obama is such a danger, we have to vote for Romney.

So who benefits when all our Presidents believe that if you just pump money into other countries they will love us?

Just WHO do they work for?.

Your guess is as good as mine.

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Redistributing the 47 Percent

Nobody Wonders

Many of us are wondering IF this 47% of the population, who, we are told, support Obama, mainly because they get free stuff from the government, will vote for him precisely because the Democrats have convinced them that the big corportions are evil.

The Democrats, who are bascially now the new American Marxists, want to crash the system, in order to remain in control forever. They’ve written out that blueprint in Chicago.

In this American Idol society, with many of the masses uneducated in history or geography…the time is now ripe for the Marxists to make their move, it’s now or never.

Donald Trump would have made a better candidate to go up against Obama, but Donald Trump was not the pick of the Rhino’s, who no doubt think, they can control Romeny, and have given him John McCain’s advisers.

Rupert Murdoch was right: He should get rid of them. Like the Bushes, Mitt is too nice. He will be crushed, if he doesn’t start getting passionate.  It comes down to—: Is it more important what the history books say about you fifty years from now, or more important to save the country? Don’t be like the Bushes, Mitt…always taking the blows and not responding.

Remember: You’re fighting for US. Take a few boxing lessons. Hey…it wouldn’t hurt you to get angry. Go on…YOU CAN DO IT!

Nevertheless, Obama insists it was the 47% who voted for McCain last time: And as we can see…those people are still out there…Obama only needs look outside his buss window. (Thanks to Tom Beebee for pics)

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Nobody Wonders: Are We at War..Or …NOT?

Nobody Wonders—

Why was it that Hillary Clinton came onto our morning TV’s to give the news that her buddy, her friend, her very special ambassador that she hand-picked herself to take over Libya, had been killed?  My first reaction, was…well, many a good soldier has been killed in the Middle East….what? Are we more upset because he’s a ‘elite” from the university crowd?

Then Mitt Romney came out and sounded rather Reagonestic, to only be followed by Ronald Reagan’s old speech writer Peggy Noonan, who called Mitt’s reaction rather “old” in the way of the “old” America. Peggy, like the President, doesn’t want to upset those guys over there.

Where was Peggy when Obama killed bin Laden? Oh…she was all for that, even though it was a rather “old” thing to do.

The President then comes out and acts pretty pussified about the whole thing. Once upon a time, this would be a declaration of war…but Obama already declared war on Libya by going over there and killing Gaddafi—which makes George W. Bush look good. Nobody Wonders if George, who by the way, actually, unlike Obama, attended intelligent briefings, knew where bin Laden was and figured -why stir up WWIII?

Obama helped communists get elected in Kenya as a Senator. (Of course, they don’t talk about that.)  He is helping the Muslims Brotherhood take over the middle East. He is supplying arms, and money to the Muslim Brotherhood, and has had them to the White House. Eric Holder recognizes that Muslims are owners of Jerusalem.

That’s what you get when you elect an ‘American’  man who insists on keeping his MUSLIM NAME, even though he HAS an American one.

Bragging about killing Muslims to score brownie points for elections, don’t exactly endear you to the Muslims all over the world. Both Obama and Hillary can’t shut up about how tough they are.

These people are dangerous. Hillary was warned abut the security at that building. Now we get the “I just couldn’t have imagined” speech….

And here’s the big point: Where in the world were our troops? (Hillary? Didn’t you CARE about that man?)  In an unstable country like Libya, Hillary left that place unprotected? Gee…I would be really pissed off if I was his wife. We are now finding out that this whole thing was planned to happen on 9/11, and a movie was used as an excuse.

Once again, either they both, are mentally incapable of being in the offices they have— (Hillary and Obama) or they are trying to start a war to win an election.

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Ann Romney VS the “Slave Queen”

Nobody Knows

Last night, a star was born. Ann Romney looked straight into the camera, with her piercing blue eyes and grabbed the heads and minds of millions of people. It obvious now: both candidates have decided it’s the “women” votes that really matter.

So…Ann said this:  

It’s the moms of this nation — single, married, widowed — who really hold this country together. We’re the mothers, we’re the wives, we’re the grandmothers, we’re the big sisters, we’re the little sisters, we’re the daughters.

The democrats must have know that she was going to be a formidable opponent because Michelle Obama will not be able to look into a camera and make us believe she is as honest, as caring, or even as much in love with her husband as Ann Romney did tonight. (Speaking to the undecided)  

Why? Because we have watched her flit around the world on vacations after vacation, recklessly spending our money for her own pleasure.  While they criticized the Romney’s for being rich, Michelle Obama alone has 27 assistants.

And so, a picture of Michelle is released today, from a magazine in Spain, which of course will go all over the world…remember that long vacation Michelle took in Spain with her girlfriend? Don’t tell me she doesn’t have connections there.

According to the magazine’s editor, the picture is meant to honor Michelle Obama who they call the “gran mujer” (great woman) who “conquered the heart” of the man who would be president and “seduced the American people.” The magazine shows the first lady’s face superimposed onto an 1800 portrait of a female slave…to show that bigotry is still alive and kicking and often stirred up by the Obama’s very presence in the White House.

So Nobody Wonders—DO the Obama’s REALLY see themselves as “victims” of a racial America who don’t like them because they’re …black? Or are they afraid of LOSING some of the black vote?

One thing is for certain: Mitt knows how to pick a winner. Nothing is more important to a Presidential candidate than his wife, and Ann hit a home run.  It’s going to be hard for the “slave queen” to beat her.

Ann Romney did the best thing she could do tonight…she showed America that Mitt Romney knows how to pick a winner. Ann surprised us all.  She could well turn out to be the tipping point.

Now…about that boob….  

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Nobody Bleeping…

Nobody’s Opinion

Well, I’m back.  Nobody thought I’d get a break from the campaign hogs, but there I was, sitting in the hospital waiting room, once again, (did my service and then some in that department) while my husband was helpless in some room somewhere getting sonic rays thrown at him, and who would come on the TV but the Monkey God Master Moon Walker himself: Barrack Hussein Obama. The Obamination was demonizing the dangers of Medicare disappearing under Romney.

Good lord.

Obama delivering fire and brimstone is not something you want to witness while your stressed out drinking cups of orange juice left in a some care basket under a HD screen TV,  and wondering if your husband will be brain damaged, or just die while someone is typing for the nineteenth time into some computer —WHY he is there again?— while I flip through my ninetieth nervous breakdown issue of  Better Homes and Garden the last thing I want to look at while I’m worrying, is a recipe on how to make eggs sandwiches filled with Spinach and artichokes while listening to the sound of that ominous Obamanation.


Still. Like a volcano about to erupt, I had to watch “The President” for it was Obama’s fault I was here in the hospital in the first place, more certain a fact than Romney killing some poor woman with Bain Capital.

The reason my husband had stopped taking his life-saving pills (depending on if you just ignore the “causes stroke, death, and brain damage” commercials)  was due to the expense he said– or so he said as he lay in the ER, heart beating around 40, nurses panicking.  That’s it. Tell the wife when you’re at your most vulnerable–That way she can’t say a thing.

But I can say a lot (now that he is out) about how Obama and Michelle have been running their whole campaign appearing on JAY LENO, THE VIEW, and any other “entertaining” venue in order to get the lowest denominator’s  to vote.

The White House news press is furious. Obama has been ignoring REAL reporters,  like a true rotten banana republic dictator. Even the liberal reporters at Newsweek had to tell him to take a hike.

Hit the Road Jack, but you can leave the dog. Give Mitt another chance.

This week we will witness the Republican Convention, where Sarah Palin is NOT speaking, and Donald Trump is going to do something with Las Vegas women, perhaps sans the naked Prince. A conservative nation will be watching with starveling anticipation and lots of whiskey and rum.  

All the time, outside a hurricane Isaac bears aim. The storm with the  Jewish name, will soak more than a few dreams of GOP joyously lying in the sun, and who already did a service by keeping Joe Biden up North where he belongs.   A storm no doubt funded by George Soros, who made  his money in weapons of war, so why not weather warfare?

You think I’m crazy? Take an hour (if you can find it.) and watch this…and then…wonder why this storm came at this exact day, and hour of the Republican Convention, and how propitious it was to the other party.

The GOP doesn’t need a hurricane—not when you have two sore losers like John McCain and Jeb Bush mouthing off to Romney on how he needs to appeal more to women and Hispanics.

Ronald Reagan  would say to them both: THERE YOU GO AGAIN!: Dividing us into parts instead of having us all stand as a whole nation.

Nobody more than this nobody, hopes Romney does not fall into that divisional crap. Don’t even mention the Hispanic, the women, the Muslims, the gays…”We are ALL Americans.”

United We Stand. Divided—We all will end up in a hospital listening to a machine go…beep…beep…beep…beep…

And yeah…I’m bleeping again.

NOBODY NOTES: Thanks to all my readers for the prayers and well wishes. You’re the best!

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