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Nobody’s Perfect: Obama’s Irish Ancestors Weren’t There…

Nobody’s Perfect

Obama ran his last Presidential campaign on how much he was watching out for women. He had the utmost concern for woman all around the world, who according to him, were getting the shaft.

But here is ONE woman in the world, who resides in the Irish Parliament, that is more than fed up with him, and has no trouble at all saying so.

She may not be perfect to many (amfortas hates the Irish) but this Nobody would LOVE some of the women in our Congress to have as much spunk. Our ladies of spunk, Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann, have been kicked so many times, they are ignored by the media.

But, thanks to Youtube, we can at least get some satisfaction.

Obama wins the Nobody’s Perfect in Ireland award for the week! He just can’t help himself.

Nobody also notes: Watch the gentlemen listening in the peanut gallery. Priceless!

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  1. Yes indeed a feisty lady, and more power to her criticisms. ( I won’t comment on the validity of her having ‘spunk’ as that word in the UK – and Ireland – means semen 🙂 )

    Now. I *hate* the Irish? Oh Joyanna. A calumny. My attitude is Love the Sinner, not the Sin, and the Irish have many sins to repent, especially about their actions against the English. America shares some of those sins.

    We have discussed previously the American support – financial as well as verbal and materiel – for Irish Terrorists who bombed public streets and buildings in Britain, shot hundreds of people, Irish as well as English and anyone else who got in their way and consorted with other terrorist around the globe. I have good cause to *hate* those actions. But *hate* the people?

    I have personally fought hot battles in war (albeit few, thank God) and resisted every call to hate my enemies. I have prayed over the bodies of people I have been called upon to defend myself against.

    But I am not a man of hatred.

    I had friends who were killed by Irish terrorists. My home city, not three years after surviving the German’s concerted efforts in destruction, suffered from IRA bombings. I have little cause to love the Irish.

    But still I do not hate the mad or the bad.

    Eire is an Independent Nation. It used to be a part of the British Isles. PART of the island of Ireland sought independence and voted democratically. Their wishes were honoured by the United Kingdoms. PART of the island wished to remain British. Their choice. Irish people loyal to the Crown and the Nation. Northern Island – just 6 counties – is a part of the United Kingdom, just as Arkansas or New York are part of the United States. Do Americans just not get that?

    Would you put up with Idaho waging a terrorist war against North Dakota?

    The Terrorists of Eire waged a vicious war against the United Kingdoms. American monies paid for the arms they used. That was not in Obama’s day of course although that awful President still uses the same interfering hypocricy as his predecessors.

    I find the Irish in general to be a faulted people. They have a turn of mind that I, as a professional versed in Psychology, would call a mental pathology. A dis-ease. They are not alone of course as few national ‘characters’ are free from some fault. But the Irish verge in insanity with THEIR hatreds which seem last over tens of generations. It is hardly surprising that Ireland has a population of 5 million living there and 100 million spreading their dis-ease all over the world from where they sing maudlin songs and agitprop their hosts with anti-British sentiment.


    Comment by Amfortas | July 1, 2013 | Reply

    • Thanks for the opinions! The Irish here, are not terrorists, except in a few bars.

      Joyanna Adams



      Comment by joyannaadams | July 2, 2013 | Reply

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