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Nobody Wins in Divorce

Nobody Wins

Divorce is an ugly word. There are not many people living in the United States who do not know someone who is divorced, or have been divorced themselves. Divorce is like labor. A woman can’t explain how painful labor is to a man, and nobody can really explain how painful divorce is…you just have to experience it to know. And most who go through it, never want to do it again.divorce 2

So, if you have never been divorced, consider yourself blessed, because after the “sexual revolution” it was all the rage.   It almost seemed a backlash to the ‘feminist revolution’, in which woman thought that they were coming up into the world as equals, only to find that the lawyers saved the men with “No-fault” divorce. The men said, “ want to be equal! Okay then, you’re on your own!” That was the poor girl.

The rich girl got rich lawyers, and the men lost everything. Nobody won but the lawyers.

There were millions of women left with kids to raise, and men running from child support, like a rabbit runs from a dog. . And how can you blame the men? When all of a sudden, was all about the “woman’s body” and her choice to abort or not. A man, had no say.

I have often wondered if the feminist movement didn’t help jump start the crazy “welfare” system because men were not going to get married anymore…why should they? With morality out the door, everyone was getting sex for ‘free.’  And then you had the drugs.

And the women could have free sex too, one night stands….and gee..isn’t it all great?

Except, it wasn’t. Milionis of kids became fatherless. And all kinds of bullshit crap about how woman can raise kids on their own was put out, and women who were tired of going night after night looking for love in Disco’s just came out feeling empty. Decency, went out the window with the old whiskey bottle.Divorce

Bill O’Reilly has been on a rant lately in which he claims the main problems in the black community come from the babes born out of wedlock. And he’s right. The blacks don’t even bother getting married. No fathers. No jobs. These boys are ANGRY, some of them don’t even know who their fathers are.

But, back to divorce:

Divorce leaves a scar on some so deep, you just best forget it. I remember a day in the life, after my divorce, when I  watched my young six- year- old son, sitting at the front window, his little leather jacket on, his suitcase by his feet, eagerly waiting…waiting for his father to come and pick him up as promised…and then, eleven hours later, the “father’ called and saying..”Uh..I can’t make it today.”

My son, never gave up hope. That is a scar I could not erase, and it was only one of many. That is a day I grew up. He had joint custody, and he always threatened me, because he had more money.  I told him….”Take me to court, you will not ever do that again.”

He didn’t. He disappeared.

Fortunatly, my son made up for not having a dad by making lots of friends. Our house was always filled with all his buddies. We had parties, and I watched his friends grow up…loved them, took them everywhere…camping, 4th of July picnics, baseball games, bowling, hockey… for most of my life my son and his friends WERE my life. For fourteen years I was a single parent. I loved all his friends, and was happy he had so many. And just the other day, my son told me that one of his friends was getting a divorce.

“I can’t believe it! Bob and Mary (fake names NSA) have been going together since high school! And what’s worse, is that she left him, for a woman.” he said.

Yes, Mary has now decided she is a lesbian…after two kids. Bob is devastated, and I’m glad I don’t have to watch those kids suffer. One time was enough for me.

After my divorce, I never though I’d find anyone. But then, one day a very quiet man came into my life, and refused to let me go anywhere else.  It was almost like a stealth attack, which makes sense because he was a Navy Seal. (LOL) I never knew what hit me, but I find, now after 20 years, I am glad he did. A good marriage is…just the best thing. Life is much too hard to go through it alone.

Bill O’Reilly is right. We need to get the culture back to marriages, and get the blacks back to ‘getting’ married. And you know what? I think the pendulum is going to come about, simply because too many children need fathers.divorce 3

The women’s movement did more harm than anyone can possibly imagine. Sure, it had a few good points…but they threw the bathwater out with the baby.

People are going to get tired of Wieners.

Having said that…this blog is done, (Thanks for letting me rant.)

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  1. “People are going to get tired of Wieners”
    There are a large percentage of women and men who will never get tired of Wieners. 🙂


    Comment by Anonymous | August 1, 2013 | Reply

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